Urban Green Spaces Development
  • 1. What term refers to the practice of designing urban areas to include more green spaces and vegetation?
A) Green urbanism
B) Concrete jungle
C) Cityscape gardening
D) Urban plantation
  • 2. Which city is known for its extensive green roof initiatives, including the High Line and Brooklyn Bridge Park?
A) Tokyo
B) New York City
C) London
D) Paris
  • 3. Which city is known for its innovative urban greening projects like the 4.5 km linear park called Cheonggyecheon?
A) Berlin
B) Seoul
C) Los Angeles
D) Sydney
  • 4. What type of urban green space is specifically designed to provide habitat for insect pollinators and wildlife?
A) Butterfly sanctuary
B) Wildlife haven
C) Pollinator garden
D) Animal oasis
  • 5. What is the term for the process of strategic tree planting in cities for maximizing cooling effects and shading?
A) Municipal reforestation
B) Urban forestry
C) Tree cultivation
D) City arboretum
  • 6. What is the term for the practice of transforming abandoned industrial sites into green spaces for public use?
A) Industrial revitalization
B) Grayfield renovation
C) Factory restoration
D) Brownfield redevelopment
  • 7. In urban planning, what does the term 'biophilic design' refer to?
A) Excessive urbanization
B) Industrial skyline development
C) Incorporating nature and natural elements into architecture to improve well-being
D) Concrete-heavy construction
  • 8. Which city is recognized for its vast network of green spaces, including the Tiergarten and Tempelhofer Feld?
A) New York City
B) Tokyo
C) London
D) Berlin
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