Chemical formula and Formula writing
  • 1. The first thing that we need to consider in writing formula.
A) Determine the charges
B) Solve
C) None of the above
D) Write Symbol
  • 2. In naming compounds, it is written in
A) Ionic Formula
B) Electron
C) Greek Prefixes
D) American Prefixes
  • 3. It is the organic compounds containing only two elements (1) Hydrogen (2) Carbon
A) Alkane
C) Hydrogen Carbon
D) Pentene
  • 4. In Greek prefixes, Deca means
A) 8
B) 7
C) 10
D) 1
E) 9
  • 5. This is the method that is used in changing charges
A) Criss-Cross
B) Clockwise
C) Vertical
D) Horizontal
E) Cross
  • 6. Type of Hydrocarbon which posses single bond in structure
A) Alkane
B) Alkyne
C) Pentene
D) Alkene
  • 7. It possess triple bonds on its structure
A) Alkane
B) Alkyne
C) Alkene
D) Alkaline
E) All in
  • 8. Lithium Oxide
A) LiO₂
B) LiCl
C) LiO
D) Li₂O
  • 9. General formula of Alkane
B) CnH2n
C) C5H10
D) CnH2n+2
E) CnH2n-2
  • 10. Magnesium Phospide
A) MgO
B) Mg₃N₂
C) Mg3P2
D) MgCl2
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