• 1. What is the capital city of Victoria, Australia?
A) Perth
B) Melbourne
C) Sydney
D) Brisbane
  • 2. What year did Queen Victoria ascend to the throne?
A) 1776
B) 1801
C) 1901
D) 1837
  • 3. Where was Queen Victoria born?
A) Tower of London
B) Buckingham Palace
C) Windsor Castle
D) Kensington Palace
  • 4. What was Queen Victoria's husband's name?
A) Prince Philip
B) Prince Albert
C) King Edward
D) King William
  • 5. Which British Prime Minister served under Queen Victoria for the longest?
A) Winston Churchill
B) William Gladstone
C) Benjamin Disraeli
D) David Lloyd George
  • 6. Victoria Falls is located in which African country?
A) Tanzania
B) Zimbabwe
C) South Africa
D) Kenya
  • 7. Who succeeded Queen Victoria on the British throne?
A) King George V
B) King George VI
C) King Edward VII
D) King Edward VIII
  • 8. Where did Queen Victoria die?
A) Osborne House
B) Buckingham Palace
C) Windsor Castle
D) Balmoral Castle
  • 9. Which Canadian city is the capital of British Columbia?
A) Victoria
B) Vancouver
C) Toronto
D) Montreal
  • 10. What is the name of the main university in Victoria, Australia?
A) Monash University
B) University of Sydney
C) RMIT University
D) University of Melbourne
  • 11. What is the title of the movie about Queen Victoria set in her early years?
A) Victoria & Abdul
B) Mrs. Brown
C) Victoria
D) The Young Victoria
  • 12. Which US state capital is named after Queen Victoria?
A) Victoria, Florida
B) Victoria, Texas
C) Victoria, New York
D) Victoria, California
  • 13. Where is Victoria located?
A) United Kingdom
B) Canada
C) United States
D) Australia
  • 14. Which landmark is located in Victoria, Australia?
A) Great Ocean Road
B) Eiffel Tower
C) Statue of Liberty
D) Big Ben
  • 15. Which ocean borders Victoria to the south?
A) Southern Ocean
B) Atlantic Ocean
C) Indian Ocean
D) Arctic Ocean
  • 16. What is the official language of Victoria, Australia?
A) French
B) English
C) Spanish
D) Chinese
  • 17. Which Australian state borders Victoria to the north?
A) Queensland
B) Tasmania
C) New South Wales
D) South Australia
  • 18. In which year did Victoria officially become a state of Australia?
A) 1950
B) 1919
C) 1856
D) 1901
  • 19. Which mountain range runs through eastern Victoria?
A) Himalayas
B) Australian Alps
C) Rocky Mountains
D) Andes
  • 20. What is the state flower of Victoria?
A) Kangaroo Paw
B) Common Heath
C) Sturt's Desert Rose
D) Waratah
  • 21. Who was the first European to explore the coast of Victoria?
A) Christopher Columbus
B) Vasco da Gama
C) James Cook
D) Marco Polo
  • 22. Which river flows through the capital city of Victoria?
A) Murray River
B) Yarra River
C) Darling River
D) Lachlan River
  • 23. What is the main industry in the Latrobe Valley region of Victoria?
A) Textile manufacturing
B) Tourism
C) Coal mining
D) Wine production
  • 24. Who is considered the founder of the city of Melbourne?
A) John Batman
B) John Pascoe Fawkner
C) Captain James Cook
D) William Buckley
  • 25. What is the name of the rocky promontory at the southern end of the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria?
A) Cape Otway
B) Cape Byron
C) Cape Naturaliste
D) Point Nepean
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