Week 8 Matching Grade 7
__1. decayA. uncover something new
__2. declineB. tooth cavity
__3. defeatC. to get rid of
__4. defectsD. to be not happy
__5. destroyedE. to lose in battle
__6. disabledF. opposite of success
__7. disappearedG. no longer usable
__8. discoveredH. not perfect
__9. dislikedI. army or war veterans
__10. disposeJ. to completely vanish
__11. deductionA. to be let down
__12. dependentB. to lose value in math
__13. disadvantagesC. a sport condition
__14. disappointmentD. to rely on someone
__15. disguisedE. a different appearance
__16. dishwasherF. to completely melt
__17. dismissG. break the rules
__18. disobeyH. to send forth
__19. dispatchI. wash plates and cutlery
__20. dissolvedJ. to let go
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