Louis Daguerre
  • 1. Louis Daguerre is best known for his contributions to which field?
A) Literature
B) Medicine
C) Physics
D) Photography
  • 2. In what year was Louis Daguerre born?
A) 1787
B) 1826
C) 1850
D) 1700
  • 3. Louis Daguerre was a pioneer in the development of which photographic process?
A) Pixelation
B) Solarization
C) Daguerreotype
D) X-Ray
  • 4. In which city did Louis Daguerre introduce the daguerreotype process?
A) Paris
B) Tokyo
C) New York
D) London
  • 5. The daguerreotype process involved using a plate coated with which material?
A) Copper
B) Gold
C) Silver
D) Plastic
  • 6. Where is Louis Daguerre buried?
A) New York, USA
B) Rome, Italy
C) Paris, France
D) London, UK
  • 7. What role did Louis Daguerre play in the world of photography?
A) Minimized it
B) Banned it
C) Revolutionized it
D) Abandoned it
  • 8. Daguerreotype images are known for their:
A) Monochrome
B) Sharpness
C) Soft focus
D) Distortion
  • 9. Louis Daguerre’s process was announced to the public in:
A) 1839
B) 1776
C) 1954
D) 1900
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