Masada National Park
  • 1. Where is Masada National Park located?
A) Jordan
B) Egypt
C) Israel
D) Lebanon
  • 2. Masada National Park is located near which body of water?
A) Sea of Galilee
B) Mediterranean Sea
C) Red Sea
D) Dead Sea
  • 3. What does 'Masada' mean in Hebrew?
A) Valley
B) City
C) Fortress
D) Temple
  • 4. Which ruler built Herod's Palace at Masada?
A) Cleopatra
B) Alexander the Great
C) Herod the Great
D) Julius Caesar
  • 5. How many levels did Herod's Palace at Masada have?
A) Three
B) Five
C) Four
D) Two
  • 6. How many watchtowers are located along the perimeter of the Masada plateau?
A) Five
B) Ten
C) Eight
D) Twelve
  • 7. Which Jewish holiday is commemorated with a sunrise service at Masada?
A) Passover
B) Yom Kippur
C) Hanukkah
D) Purim
  • 8. What is the best time of day to visit Masada for a cooler experience?
A) Noon
B) Evening
C) Midnight
D) Early morning or late afternoon
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