• 1. Which river flows through Vienna?
A) Seine
B) Rhine
C) Danube
D) Thames
  • 2. Who was an influential composer who lived in Vienna during the Classical period?
A) Beethoven
B) Mozart
C) Chopin
D) Bach
  • 3. Which famous psychoanalyst had a significant impact in Vienna?
A) Ivan Pavlov
B) Erik Erikson
C) Carl Jung
D) Sigmund Freud
  • 4. What is the famous Austrian dish that consists of breaded and fried veal cutlet?
A) Goulash
B) Wiener Schnitzel
C) SpƤtzle
D) Sauerbraten
  • 5. What is the famous Vienna Opera House called?
A) La Scala
B) Metropolitan Opera
C) Sydney Opera House
D) Staatsoper
  • 6. Which historical figure was assassinated in Sarajevo, setting off World War I?
A) Queen Victoria
B) Napoleon Bonaparte
C) Abraham Lincoln
D) Archduke Franz Ferdinand
  • 7. Which historic building in Vienna houses the Austrian National Library and the Spanish Riding School?
A) Hofburg Palace
B) Buckingham Palace
C) White House
D) Taj Mahal
  • 8. What pastry is Vienna famous for, consisting of a light fluffy dough with a sweet filling?
A) Croissant
B) Strudel
C) Macaron
D) Cannoli
  • 9. Which famous Austrian psychologist had a theory of individual psychology and founded the Adlerian School?
A) Jean Piaget
B) Alfred Adler
C) Carl Rogers
D) B.F. Skinner
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