• 1. What is the average lifespan of a goldfish?
A) 20-25 years
B) 10-15 years
C) 1-3 years
D) 5-8 years
  • 2. What is the natural color of a wild goldfish?
A) Neon pink
B) Royal blue
C) Bright red
D) Olive green
  • 3. What is the most common type of goldfish?
A) Shubunkin goldfish
B) Fantail goldfish
C) Oranda goldfish
D) Common goldfish
  • 4. Where is the best place to put a goldfish tank?
A) Away from direct sunlight
B) Next to a window
C) Next to a heater
D) Above a radiator
  • 5. What is the organ that helps a goldfish stay buoyant in water?
A) Scales
B) Swim bladder
C) Gill
D) Brain
  • 6. What fish is closely related to the goldfish?
A) Betta
B) Carp
C) Salmon
D) Tuna
  • 7. What can cause a goldfish to lose its color?
A) Overcleaning the tank
B) Poor water quality
C) Excessive feeding
D) Sunlight exposure
  • 8. What should be monitored regularly in a goldfish tank?
A) Noise levels
B) Ammonia levels
C) Humidity levels
D) Light intensity
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