Grade 6 - 34 Math Review 26
A motor cycle  travels 7 miles on 
1 gallon of gas.
How many miles it can travel on 5 gallons?
A pair of shoes cost $34. 
What would be the cost of 10 pairs? 
(example  $24 NOT $24.00)
(use comma)
Write the missing number in each 
to make Sum = 1:
Write the missing number in each: 
To make Sum = 1.
How much did Jim drink?
How much did they drink altogether?
(simplest form)
(Simplest form)
What is the greatest 5-digit numberthat can be formed using all of these digits:1, 8,0,4,and 5.
20,000 more than 52,781 is: 
(use comma)
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