Test 2 - Career Cluster - (1st Four Career Clusters)
  • 1. The Agriculture, Foods, & Natural Resources Cluster consists of careers involving the production; processing and marketing ________ of food; as well as fiber and natural resources.
A) Distribution & Conservation
B) None of the Choices.
C) Distribution
D) Conservation
  • 2. Agriculture has contributed to the _________ of civilization for approximately 10,000 to 12,000 years.
A) Growth
B) Development
C) Growth & Development
D) None of the Choices
  • 3. Technological advancements such as the Cotton Gin, refrigerators, MC McCormick Reaper, tractors, and ______________, have greatly contributed to the development of agriculture.
A) Pesticides
B) Herbicides & Pesticides
C) Herbicides
D) None of the Choices
  • 4. Professionals may develop designs or plans for new structures, they may use the plans to build the structure or they may __________ on the project.
A) Distribute the Employees
B) Manage the Employees
C) None of the Choices
D) Release the Employees
  • 5. The creation of __________ , around 2630 BC, might be considered the first occurrence of architecture and construction of large structure.
A) Pyramids in China
B) Pyramids in Egypt
C) Pyramids in Cambodia
D) Pyramids of Mexico
  • 6. Population growth and urbanization led to an increasing need for structural developments, ad focused attention on the importance of ____________ and techniques.
A) Local Building Material
B) Local Plumbing Materials
C) Out of Town Plumbing Materials
D) Out of Town Building Materials
  • 7. As software gets more versatile, contractors, builders and architects are using less ________, allowing for greater control over documents.
A) Material
B) Money
C) Paper
D) None of the Choices
  • 8. Functional and attractive buildings are created for _________ and sustainability.
A) Elegance
B) Aesthetics
C) Attraction
D) Appealing
  • 9. Careers in architecture and construction are on the rise due to population growth and deteriorating infrastructure.
A) False
B) True
  • 10. From pursuing the traditional trades to applying the latest technologies, from working in the field to _____________, the choices are many and exciting.
A) Selling your own Company
B) Running your own Company
C) None of the Choices
D) Building your own Company
  • 11. Careers in arts and communication stem from the need to improve and enhance the way __________________.
A) None of the Choices
B) Messages are send
C) Messages are worded
D) Messages are imported
  • 12. The Federal Communications Commission, or FCC, was established in ________ to regulate radio, television, wire, satellite and cable communication in the United States.
A) 1934
B) 1976
C) 2005
D) 1999
  • 13. Societal values, such as __________ are often shaped by books, artwork, television, movies and the other media produced by this cluster.
A) Equality
B) None of the Choices
C) Equality & Patriotism
D) Patriotism
  • 14. Generally, these jobs are quite ______________ and involve a certain amount of rejection.
A) Noncompetitive
B) Competitive
C) None of the Choices
D) Incompetence
  • 15. Business management and administration is defined as the activities associated with running a business or organization, such as supervising, monitoring, organizing, ___________ and planning.
A) Administering
B) None of the Choices
C) Managing
D) Coordinating
  • 16. The goal is to create and maintain an environment where individuals can work together to ___________ and efficiently achieve common aims.
A) Efficiently
B) Effortlessly
C) None of the Choices
D) Effectively
  • 17. Future managers need to figure out how to effectively manage an organization when work is done through networks, how to use collective intelligence from different fields and how to create communities for those who work with them.
A) True
B) False
  • 18. According to the U.S, Department of Labor, employment of the Business Management & Administration cluster is projected to grow ________ than the average for all occupations.
A) Slower
B) None of the Choices
C) Faster
D) Stay Average
  • 19. One particular area of increased demand is ____________. The increased use of technology in the workplace will continue to drive demand for workers in this area.
A) Business Information Technology
B) Architecture Information Technology
C) Agriculture Information Technology
D) None of the Choices
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