RPH Quiz 1
  • 1. A set of rules that guides how a country, state, or other political organization works.
A) Creed
B) Vision
C) Mission
D) Constitution
  • 2. When do we celebrate our Constitution day?
A) February 2
B) January 2
C) March 2
D) April 2
  • 3. What is the present constitution of the Philippines
A) 1935 Constitution
B) 1973 Constitution
C) 1995 Constitution
D) 1987 Constitution
  • 4. What is the importance of a Constitution
A) All of these
B) Maintain law and order
C) It gives the government unlimited power
D) It doesn't impose rules and regulation
  • 5. The 1897 Constitution is also called as
A) The Constitution of Biak-na-Bato
B) Malolos Constitution
C) Martial Law
D) Freedom Constitution
  • 6. It is called as the Malolos Constitution
A) 1973 Constitution
B) 1897 Constitution
C) 1899 Constitution
D) 1935 Constitution
  • 7. The 1986 Constitution is widely known as the :
A) Constitution of Biak-na-Bato
B) Freedom Constitution
C) Malolos Constitution
D) Commonwealth Constitution
  • 8. An introductory statement in a document that explains the document’s purpose and underlying philosophy by the power ordaining it.
A) Article
B) Creed
C) Section
D) Preamble
  • 9. What is the Filipino-Spanish Truce called
A) Treaty of Paris
B) Treaty of Versailles
C) The pact of Biak-na-Bato
D) Treaty of Tordesillas
  • 10. The preamble came from the latin word:
A) Ethos
B) Perembulere
C) Prembulae
D) Preambulare
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