Equation word problems
1 shirt costs $

During a shopping trip Erin bought 

three shirts and one belt that cost $22.50. 

The total cost for all the items was $121.47.   

What is the cost of 1 shirt? 

A pizza delivery order cost $70.75.  
There were 5 pizzas ordered plus a $7 delivery charge.  
How much does one pizza cost?
One pizza costs $
She rented the bike for 
Bob’s Bike Rental Shop charges 
an 18-dollar fixed fee and 8 dollars an hour 
for renting a bike. 
Alyssa paid 66 dollars to rent a bike. 
How many hours did she rent the bike?
Sidney rode 
Uber charges a $5 pickup fee, plus $2 per mile.Sidney paid the driver $60.How many miles did Sidney ride in the Uber car? 
miles in the Uber car.
Emmanuel spent $53.40 at the gas station.  
He paid $3 per gallon for gas and $15 for snacks.  
How many gallons of gas did Emmanuel buy?
He bought 
gallons of gas.
He was at your house 
An electrician charges $50 to come to your house. He also charges $25 for each hour he is at your house. The electrician charges you a total of $175. How many hours was he at your house?
At Bill’s Burgers you get 4 sliders and a $1.43 drink for $14.99?  
How much does one slider cost? 
One slider costs $
I bought a bag of oranges for $2.71 and a 4-pack
of juice bottles for $6.75.
How much would one juice bottle cost?
One juice bottle would cost $
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