Hydroelectricity in Turkey
  • 1. What is the main source of energy used in hydroelectric power plants in Turkey?
A) Solar
B) Coal
C) Wind
D) Water
  • 2. Which region in Turkey has the highest number of hydroelectric power plants?
A) Eastern Anatolia
B) Aegean
C) Marmara
D) Black Sea
  • 3. Which international organization has provided support for the development of hydroelectric projects in Turkey?
A) World Bank
  • 4. Which factor plays a crucial role in determining the feasibility of a hydroelectric project in Turkey?
A) Humidity
B) Temperature
C) Air pressure
D) Water flow rate
  • 5. What technology is used in generating electricity from hydropower in Turkey?
A) Windmills
B) Solar panels
C) Turbines
D) Geothermal heat exchangers
  • 6. Which renewable energy source has the highest share in Turkey's electricity generation mix?
A) Solar
B) Wind
C) Geothermal
D) Hydropower
  • 7. What government department is responsible for regulating hydroelectric projects in Turkey?
A) Ministry of Health
B) Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources
C) Ministry of Interior
D) Ministry of Culture and Tourism
  • 8. What is the primary purpose of hydroelectric power plants in Turkey?
A) Agricultural irrigation
B) Waste management
C) Water desalination
D) Electricity generation
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