Prefixes, Suffixes & Root words
  • 1. What is the suffix: unhappily
A) un
B) happy
C) happily
D) ly
  • 2. misunderstand means
A) not understanding
B) anger at the TV set
C) clear, easy to follow
D) standing under a tree
  • 3. What is the suffix: relaxation
A) kick back
B) relax
C) ation
D) re
  • 4. overload means
A) unloaded
B) not loaded at all
C) too much of a load
D) not enough stuff
  • 5. What is the prefix: international
A) inter
B) al
C) country
D) nation
  • 6. Which prefix means 'again'?
A) un
B) super
C) mis
D) re
  • 7. The root word "bio" means...
A) bad smelling
B) plants
C) animals
D) life
  • 8. Which prefix means 'not'?
A) re
B) un
C) ly
D) pre
  • 9. The root word "mort" means...
A) alive
B) change
C) dead/death
D) embarrassed
  • 10. Which prefix means 'below'?
A) sub
B) un
C) mis
D) re
  • 11. The root word "tele" means...
A) from afar
C) images
  • 12. Which prefix means 'not'?
A) sub
B) mis
C) y
D) re
  • 13. preview means
A) after you have read it
B) reading carefully
C) view it before
D) not to read
  • 14. What is the prefix in "misunderstanding"?
A) mis
B) understand
C) stand
D) ing
  • 15. unhappy means
A) very happy
B) happily
C) not happy
D) super happy
  • 16. Which prefix means 'across'?
A) anti
B) trans
C) inter
D) im
  • 17. submarine means
A) over the world
B) on top of the water
C) the Titanic as it floated
D) under water
  • 18. The root word "port" means...
A) carry
B) ship
C) goods
D) dock
  • 19. recycle means
A) use the first time, something new
B) throw away, garbage
C) to use again
D) biking again down the street
  • 20. Which prefix means 'against'?
A) anti
B) un
C) fore
D) pre
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