Candide by Voltaire (1759)
  • 1. When was 'Candide' written by Voltaire?
A) 1700
B) 1800
C) 1600
D) 1759
  • 2. Where is the main character Candide originally from?
A) France
B) Westphalia
C) Spain
D) Italy
  • 3. Which philosopher is satirized throughout the novel?
A) Locke
B) Rousseau
C) Leibniz
D) Kant
  • 4. Who is the character who continually asserts that everything happens for the best in the best of all possible worlds?
A) Pangloss
B) Martin
C) Candide
D) Cunégonde
  • 5. Who is the pessimistic companion who accompanies Candide on his adventures?
A) Cunégonde
B) The old woman
C) Pangloss
D) Martin
  • 6. Which natural disaster befalls Lisbon in the novel, prompting philosophical discussions about the problem of evil?
A) Tsunami
B) Tornado
C) Volcano
D) Earthquake
  • 7. What is the name of the lavish utopia where everything is perfect and everyone is happy?
A) Shangri-La
B) Eldorado
C) Neverland
D) Atlantis
  • 8. What famous historical figure is parodied in the story through the character Pococurante?
A) Julius Caesar
B) Louis XIV
C) Cleopatra
D) Napoleon Bonaparte
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