Basic Technology Aptitude Test
  • 1. Which of the following trees does not produce hard wood?
A) Obeche
B) Iroko
C) Pine
D) Mahogany
  • 2. Identify this object
A) hammer
B) try square
C) set square
D) hack saw
  • 3. Which of the following instruments is used for setting sheet on the drawing board?
A) Set square
B) Steel rule
C) Divider
D) Tee square
  • 4. A trapezium is also known as ____
A) Quadrilateral
B) Divider
C) Triangle
D) Sphere
  • 5. Which of the following is not a quadrilateral?
A) Rectangle
B) Triangle
C) Trapezium
D) Parallelogram
  • 6. The basic function of a thermostat in an electric fan is to ____
A) Control the noise
B) switch on/off the fan when necessary due to room temperature
C) Regulate the speed
D) Control the temperature
  • 7. _____ is used to convert sound energy to electrical energy
A) Microphone
B) Radio receiver
C) Radio transmitter
D) Loud speaker
  • 8. _____ is used to convert electrical energy to sound energy
A) Radio transmitter
B) Microphone
C) Loud speaker
D) Radio receiver
  • 9. ______ is the change of a solid state to a gas state
A) Freezing
B) Evaporation
C) Melting
D) Sublimation
  • 10. The substances that evaporate quickly are called _____
A) freon substances
B) non-volatile substances
C) volatile substances
D) refrigerant substances
  • 11. A form of energy that can produce light, heat, and power for machines is known as _____
A) sound
B) kinetic
C) electrical
D) mechanical
  • 12. The S.I unit of current is ____
A) Ohms
B) Ampere
C) Volts
D) meter per seconds
  • 13. The following are the mechanisms that make use of electric motors for their operations EXCEPT ____
A) Refrigerator
B) Blender
C) Loud speaker
D) Grinder
  • 14. The process of uprooting all the roots of the trees from the ground completely is called _______
A) Leveling
B) Grubbing
C) Rooting
D) Excavation
  • 15. Which of these is not a typical maintenance?
A) Replacement
B) Preventive
C) Corrective
D) Predictive
  • 16. Alloy is a metal that
A) is magnetic
B) has iron content
C) has mixture of tin or more metals
D) is non magnetic
  • 17. The two types of plastic are
A) polyesther and polyplastic
B) thermoplastic and thermoset
C) polyplastic and thermoset
D) latex and polythene
  • 18. Natural rubber is made from a milky liquid called
A) Electrolyte
B) Solution
C) Plasticine
D) Latex
  • 19. In an isometric drawing, the slanting sides are generally drawn at angle _____
A) 60 degree
B) 90 degree
C) 45 degree
D) 30 degree
  • 20. A regular polygon with six sides is called
A) Heptagon
B) Hexagon
C) Octagon
D) Decagon
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