George Orwell writes 1984
  • 1. Who is the author of the book '1984'?
A) George Orwell
B) Ray Bradbury
C) Aldous Huxley
D) Philip K. Dick
  • 2. In which year was the novel '1984' first published?
A) 1954
B) 1949
C) 1974
D) 1969
  • 3. What is the name of the protagonist in '1984'?
A) Winston Smith
B) David Anderson
C) John Doe
D) Michael Taylor
  • 4. Who is the leader of the Party in '1984'?
A) The Chairman
B) The Supreme Leader
C) Big Brother
D) The President
  • 5. What is the forbidden act of thought in '1984' called?
A) Mindbreak
B) Ideatrack
C) Thoughtcrime
D) Thinkwatch
  • 6. Which government organization observes and punishes citizens for thoughtcrime in '1984'?
A) Idea Patrol
B) Think Force
C) Thought Police
D) Mind Guard
  • 7. What is the slogan of the Party in '1984'?
A) Freedom is War, Strength is Slavery, Peace is Ignorance
B) Unity is Power, Equality is Prosperity, Knowledge is Victory
C) Peace is War, Slavery is Freedom, Knowledge is Ignorance
D) War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength
  • 8. What is the name of the device through which the Party monitors its citizens in '1984'?
A) VisioMonitor
B) Telescreen
C) ViewPanel
D) ScreenWatch
  • 9. Who is Winston Smith's love interest and fellow rebel in '1984'?
A) Emma
B) Julia
C) Mary
D) Sarah
  • 10. What is the main language spoken in the dystopian world of '1984'?
A) Oldspeak
B) Newspeak
C) Thoughtspeak
D) Doublespeak
  • 11. Who betrays Winston and Julia to the Thought Police in '1984'?
A) O'Brien
B) Syme
C) Charrington
D) Parsons
  • 12. What is the name of the secret organization that opposes the Party in '1984'?
A) The Rebels
B) The Opposition
C) The Alliance
D) The Brotherhood
  • 13. What is the historical event that the Party uses to maintain power in '1984'?
A) The perpetual war
B) The prosperous alliance
C) The great revolution
D) The eternal peace
  • 14. What is the punishment for committing thoughtcrime in '1984'?
A) Re-education
B) Detention
C) Exile
D) Vaporization
  • 15. What is the primary setting of the novel '1984'?
A) Eurasia
B) Oceania
C) Airstrip One
D) Eastasia
  • 16. What is the government's main political ideology in '1984'?
A) Capitalism
B) Anarchism
C) Neopuritanism
D) Ingsoc
  • 17. What is the system of control through misinformation and manipulation in '1984' known as?
A) Doublethink
B) Mindmeld
C) Realityshift
D) Thoughtswap
  • 18. At what government ministry does Winston work in '1984'?
A) Ministry of Love
B) Ministry of Peace
C) Ministry of Truth
D) Ministry of Plenty
  • 19. What forbidden act does Winston commit that starts his rebellion in '1984'?
A) Speaking in rhyme
B) Singing a song
C) Dancing in public
D) Writing in a diary
  • 20. What is the term for erasing or altering written records to manipulate the past in '1984'?
A) History vault
B) Truth trap
C) Fiction pit
D) Memory hole
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