Masked Palm Civet
  • 1. What is the scientific name of Masked Palm Civet?
A) Paguma larvata
B) Paradoxurus hermaphroditus
C) Diplogale hosei
D) Prionodon linsang
  • 2. Where is the primary habitat of Masked Palm Civets?
A) Southeast Asia
B) Australia
C) South America
D) Africa
  • 3. What type of diet do Masked Palm Civets primarily have?
A) Omnivorous
B) Carnivorous
C) Herbivorous
D) Insectivorous
  • 4. What is the main threat to Masked Palm Civets in the wild?
A) Habitat loss
B) Predation
C) Climate change
D) Disease
  • 5. How do Masked Palm Civets typically communicate?
A) Vocalizations
B) Chemical signals
C) Physical contact
D) Visual cues
  • 6. How many young can a Masked Palm Civet give birth to in a litter?
A) 5-8
B) 1-4
C) 15-18
D) 10-12
  • 7. What is the social structure of Masked Palm Civets?
A) Solitary
B) Pack
C) Colony
D) Herd
  • 8. How does the Masked Palm Civet help in seed dispersal?
A) Through feces
B) Through vocalizations
C) Through burrowing
D) Through scent markings
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