Sassanid Empire (Persia)
  • 1. Who was the first ruler of the Sassanid Empire?
A) Ardashir I
B) Xerxes
C) Cyrus the Great
D) Darius the Great
  • 2. Which religion became the state religion of the Sassanid Empire?
A) Buddhism
B) Zoroastrianism
C) Judaism
D) Christianity
  • 3. What was the capital of the Sassanid Empire?
A) Persepolis
B) Ctesiphon
C) Hatra
D) Babylon
  • 4. Who was the last ruler of the Sassanid Empire?
A) Khosrow II
B) Shapur II
C) Bahram V
D) Yazdegerd III
  • 5. Which foreign empire posed a significant threat to the Sassanids during the 3rd century?
A) Byzantine Empire
B) Chinese Empire
C) Indian Empire
D) Roman Empire
  • 6. Which architectural structure in Naqsh-e Rustam commemorates Sassanid victories?
A) Apadana Palace
B) Ka'ba-ye Zartosht
C) Taq Kasra
D) Persepolis
  • 7. Who was the most famous Sassanid monarch known for his reformative policies and military campaigns?
A) Yazdegerd II
B) Bahram IV
C) Shapur I
D) Khosrow I
  • 8. In what century did the Sassanid Empire fall to the Arab conquest?
A) 9th century
B) 6th century
C) 7th century
D) 8th century
  • 9. What role did the Sasanid Empire play in preserving texts from the ancient world?
A) Ignoring all foreign works
B) Translating and preserving Greek works
C) Destroying all ancient texts
D) Burning all foreign language texts
  • 10. Which Sassanid ruler was known for his military successes against the Roman Empire?
A) Shapur I
B) Bahram II
C) Kavad I
D) Ardashir III
  • 11. Which famous battle resulted in the defeat of the Sassanid Empire by the Rashidun Caliphate?
A) Battle of Ctesiphon
B) Battle of al-Qadisiyyah
C) Battle of Nahavand
D) Battle of Nineveh
  • 12. The Sassanid Empire clashed with the Roman Empire in a series of wars known as?
A) Crusades
B) Roman-Persian Wars
C) Punic Wars
D) Peloponnesian Wars
  • 13. Which famous ancient trade route passed through the Sassanid Empire?
A) Amber Road
B) Incense Route
C) Salt Road
D) Silk Road
  • 14. Which Roman Emperor was captured by the Sassanids during the Battle of Edessa in 260 AD?
A) Septimius Severus
B) Constantine the Great
C) Valerian
D) Marcus Aurelius
  • 15. What trade commodity was highly prized and exported by the Sassanids?
A) Silk
B) Spices
C) Ivory
D) Gold
  • 16. What was the name of the Persian festival celebrating the arrival of spring that continued even after the Arab conquest?
A) Nowruz
B) Mehregan
C) Yalda
D) Tirgan
  • 17. The Sassanid Empire was located in the region known today as?
A) Greece
B) Iran
C) Egypt
D) India
  • 18. Who was the legendary Persian hero and protagonist in the epic Shahnameh written during the Sassanid period?
A) Sohrab
B) Zal
C) Giv
D) Rostam
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