• 1. Horticulture is the science, art, and practice of cultivating plants. It involves growing fruits, vegetables, flowers, and ornamental plants for beautification, food production, and environmental sustainability. Horticulturists study plant biology, soil management, pest control, and plant breeding to improve crop yields and plant health. This field encompasses a wide range of disciplines, including botany, genetics, and landscaping, and plays a crucial role in ensuring food security, preserving biodiversity, and enhancing green spaces in urban environments.

    Which of the following is a common greenhouse gas used in horticultural practices?
A) Helium
B) Nitrogen
C) Carbon dioxide
D) Oxygen
  • 2. What organic material is commonly added to soil in horticulture to improve its fertility?
A) Plastic
B) Metal
C) Compost
D) Concrete
  • 3. What is the term for the process of removing undesirable parts of a plant to promote growth?
A) Watering
B) Mowing
C) Fertilizing
D) Pruning
  • 4. What is the name for the practice of growing plants without soil?
A) Aeroponics
B) Xeriscaping
C) Intercropping
D) Hydroponics
  • 5. Which of the following insects is beneficial for pest control in horticulture?
A) Cockroach
B) Mosquito
C) Ant
D) Ladybug
  • 6. What plant structure is mainly responsible for photosynthesis?
A) Leaves
B) Flowers
C) Roots
D) Stem
  • 7. What is the primary function of a greenhouse in horticulture?
A) To display plants for sale
B) To store gardening tools
C) To train plant vines
D) To provide a controlled environment for plant growth
  • 8. Which of the following is a common disease affecting plants in horticulture?
A) Powdery mildew
B) Dehydration
C) Sunburn
D) Frostbite
  • 9. What is the term for the process of dividing a plant into several sections for propagation?
A) Division
B) Subtraction
C) Multiplication
D) Addition
  • 10. What is the term for the process of transferring plants from containers into the ground?
A) Sowing
B) Harvesting
C) Transplanting
D) Watering
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