Island of the blue Dolphins Ch 1-8
  • 1. Why had Captain Orlov and the Aleuts come to the island?
A) to rule the village of Ghalas-at
B) They came by mistake
C) to hunt for otter
D) to hunt for otter
  • 2. What did Ulape discover that caused so much excitement in the village?
A) a school of white bass
B) two boxes of earrings
C) a basket of shellfish
D) the Aleut ship
  • 3. Who became chief after Karana‚Äôs father was killed?
A) Kimki
B) Karana
C) D Nanko
D) Ramo
  • 4. What advantage did the hunters have in battle?
A) Guns
B) guns
C) More Men
D) Knives
  • 5. Karana was courageous for jumping off the ship?
A) False
B) True
C) True
  • 6. What was the chiefs secret name?
A) Chowig
B) Won-a-pa-lei
C) Chowig
D) Roma
  • 7. What caused Roman to be left behind?
A) He was getting his fish spear.
B) He was getting his fish spear.
C) He was sleeping.
D) He was playing
  • 8. What did Karana do after finding the wolves circling her brother?
A) Ate them.
B) Followed them to the cliff.
C) Followed them to their cave.
D) Followed them to their cave.
  • 9. How many dogs did Ramo kill?
A) 0
B) Two
C) 1
D) 2
  • 10. Why were the dogs at the camp?
A) They were cold.
B) They ate the roots.
C) They ate the Abalone.
D) They ate the Abalone.
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