James Madison
  • 1. What was James Madison's political party affiliation?
A) Federalist
B) Whig
C) Democratic
D) Democratic-Republican
  • 2. In which U.S. state was James Madison born?
A) Virginia
B) New York
C) Massachusetts
D) North Carolina
  • 3. Which document did James Madison largely author and is considered the foundation of the U.S. Constitution?
A) Virginia Plan
B) Bill of Rights
C) Monroe Doctrine
D) Emancipation Proclamation
  • 4. What role did James Madison serve in Thomas Jefferson's administration before becoming president?
A) Vice President
B) Secretary of the Treasury
C) Secretary of State
D) Attorney General
  • 5. James Madison is known as the 'Father of the' what?
A) Declaration of Independence
B) Monroe Doctrine
C) Union
D) Constitution
  • 6. In what year was James Madison inaugurated as the fourth President of the United States?
A) 1809
B) 1797
C) 1825
D) 1812
  • 7. Which war was fought during James Madison's presidency?
A) American Civil War
B) Mexican-American War
C) Spanish-American War
D) War of 1812
  • 8. Who was James Madison's wife?
A) Dolley Madison
B) Martha Washington
C) Michelle Obama
D) Abigail Adams
  • 9. Which document did James Madison specifically champion to be added to the Constitution to protect individual liberties?
A) Federalist Papers
B) Paris Peace Treaty
C) Articles of Confederation
D) Bill of Rights
  • 10. What university did James Madison help found in Virginia?
A) Harvard University
B) Stanford University
C) Yale University
D) University of Virginia
  • 11. In what historic event did James Madison play a significant role alongside Alexander Hamilton and John Jay?
A) Underground Railroad
B) Emancipation Proclamation
C) Boston Tea Party
D) Writing of the Federalist Papers
  • 12. Which U.S. President was James Madison's second cousin?
A) Abraham Lincoln
B) Andrew Jackson
C) Franklin Pierce
D) Zachary Taylor
  • 13. In which year did James Madison pass away?
A) 1848
B) 1812
C) 1836
D) 1790
  • 14. James Madison served as Secretary of State under which U.S. President?
A) John Adams
B) Thomas Jefferson
C) James Monroe
D) John Quincy Adams
  • 15. Which of the following forts was NOT captured by the British during the War of 1812 while James Madison was president?
A) Fort Detroit
B) Fort McHenry
C) Fort Niagara
D) Fort Washington
  • 16. In what year did James Madison serve as the President of the United States?
A) 1797-1801
B) 1809-1817
C) 1817-1825
D) 1825-1829
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