JSS 3 Biology - 3rd Assessment
  • 1. 1. Agents of erosion include the following except --------
A) Water
B) Ice
C) Wind
D) Glacier
  • 2. 2. Which of the following is not a cause of soil erosion?
A) Industrialisation
B) Felling of trees
C) Smoking
D) Road construction
E) Bush burning
  • 3. 3. Control of soil erosion includes the following except ----------
A) Making of ridges use of sandbags
B) Mulching
C) Tilling of soil
D) Planting of cover crops
  • 4. 4. These are measures to prevent flooding except -------
A) Dredging of rivers
B) Constructions of reservior
C) Constructions of roads
D) Constructions of massive walls
  • 5. 5. Some of the effects of flooding on the community and farmlands include all except --------
A) Can collapse and damage roads
B) Can create networking
C) Destroys farmlands and crops
D) Flooding can sack a population
  • 6. 6. Deforestation may lead to the following except --------
A) Excessive sun radiant energy
B) May lead to thunder strike
C) Entire landscape may be turned to desert
D) The beauty of the environment may disappear
  • 7. 7. Excessive release of CO2 results in ------------
A) Extinction of animal
B) Global warming
C) Naturalisation
D) Barrenness of soil
  • 8. 8. Factors influencing bush burning include the following except
A) Thunder strikes
B) Cigarette butts
C) Gambling
D) Hunting
  • 9. 9. Excess-released CO2 are usually found in the ------------
A) Exosphere
B) Aerosphere
C) Thermosphere
D) Troposphere
  • 10. 10. NAFDAC means -----------
A) Nigerian Agenda for Food and Drug Administration and Concern
B) Nigerian Agency for Food and Drug Administrative and Control
C) National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control
D) National Agenda for Food and Drug Administration and Control
  • 11. 11. NDLEA means -----------
A) Nigeria Drug Law Enforcement Agent.
B) National Drug Lord Enforcement Agency
C) Nigerian Drug Law Enforcement Agency
D) National Drug Law Enforcement Agency
  • 12. 12. Effects of drug abuse on health include one of the following ----------
A) Rudeness
B) Hallucination
C) Impatience
D) Rape
  • 13. 13. The history of a family exposing how all the people are related to one another is called ----------
A) Archaeology
B) Traits
C) Genealogy
D) Synecology
  • 14. 14. The unit structure of heredity is known as -----------
A) Gene
B) Hereditary
C) Variation
D) Traits
  • 15. 15. ---------- trait is the overriding traits in a family, inherited from parents
A) Recession
B) Dominant
C) Genotype
D) Recessive
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