SW Asia Water issues
  • 1. Many of the largest cities in Southwest Asia are located on or near
A) mountains
B) deserts
C) major rivers
  • 2. How have the major rivers of Southwest Asia become a part of political conflict?
A) The rivers have nothing to do with the area’s political conflicts
B) Several countries have built dams along their portion of the river, cutting off water to those living downstream
C) Many rivers dry up during the hot summers
D) Most countries do not allow water to be taken out of rivers for irrigation
  • 3. Because mountains block winds coming from the oceans, much of the interior of SW Asia is
A) rich farming areas
B) grasslands
C) Desert
D) inland lakes
  • 4. The major rivers in SW Asia have become political issues because
A) deserts prevent the rivers from being large enough to be useful
B) farmers have not been able to find ways to use the water for irrigation
C) everyone needs to be able to use the water and there is only a limited amount
D) they can be used only for trade and travel but not for drinking water
  • 5. Dams built along the rivers have caused problems for people living further downstream because
A) Dams are expensive to build
B) a river can only be dammed in one place along its path
C) less water comes down the river to those people once the dam is built
D) no fish can live in the rivers after they have been dammed
  • 6. People living along the rivers of Southwest Asia have built canals, qanats and water wheels to use the water for
A) flood control
B) swimming
C) irrigation
D) Shipping
  • 7. Which river do Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Kuwait share?
A) Tigris
B) Euphrates
C) Jordan
D) Afghanistan
  • 8. One negative impact of constant planting and fertilizer use is
A) buildup of salt in the soil
B) surplus food
C) full employment of farmers
  • 9. Agriculture contributes to water pollution through
A) letting livestock drink in rivers
B) leaving fruit and vegetables to rot in the rivers
C) runoff from chemical fertilizer
  • 10. Why do dams cause conflict between countries in the Middle East?
A) They can be used for flood control
B) They reduce water flow downstream from the dam
C) They are used to produce hydroelectricity
  • 11. One characteristic of major rivers in the Middle East that encourages conflict between Middle Eastern countries is
A) They flow through multiple countries
B) They start in the mountains
C) They end at the Persian Gulf
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