AIC JS 1 PVS Revision Test 2nd Term
  • 1. 1. Some crops are called annuals because they _______
A) Complete their live cycle within a year
B) Complete their live cycle in more than two years
C) Are grains that amend the body tissues
D) Are grains that supply energy to the body
  • 2. 2. Crop that complete their live cycles in two years are
A) Fibers
B) Biennials
C) Perennials
D) Beverages
  • 3. 3. Which crop are known as the grass family?
A) Cerals
B) Vegetables
C) Fruits
D) Legumes
  • 4. 4. An example of root and tuber crops is
A) Cotton
B) Cocoa yam
C) Coconut
D) Cocoa
  • 5. 5. One classification of farm animals based on size is ________
A) Aquatic animal
B) Herbivour
C) Mammal
D) Small animal
  • 6. 6. Ruminants possess _______ stomach compartments
A) 1
B) 2
C) 3
D) 4
  • 7. 7. Monogastrics are _______
A) Ruminants
B) Non ruminants
C) Mammals
D) Non mammals
  • 8. 8 Which of these best classifies a rabbit?
A) Carnivour
B) Non mammal
C) Monogastric
D) Ruminant
  • 9. 9. A bull is a _______
A) Large animal
B) Aquatic animal
C) Guard animal
D) Carnivorous animal
  • 10. 10. Work animals are used ____
A) For milk
B) For sport
C) For work
D) As guards
  • 11. 11. An animal that has droopy ears is _________
A) Rabbit
B) Cow
C) Goat
D) Sheep
  • 12. 12. Which of these animals has comb and wattle?
A) Rabbit
B) Cock
C) Catfish
D) Goat
  • 13. 13. One of these animals has gills
A) Pig
B) Horse
C) Tilapia
D) Hen
  • 14. 14. The useful item in food that gives energy, growth and other body needs is
A) Glucose
B) Glycerol
C) Amino acid
D) Nutrient
  • 15. 15. Macro nutrients are needed in small amount
A) False
B) True
  • 16. 16. _________ is proper handling of food to make it safe for eating
A) Food additive
B) Food poisoning
C) Food hygiene
D) Food preservative
  • 17. 17. One of these is not a reason for healthy food handling
A) To prevent wastage
B) To allow the growth of germs
C) To ensure adequate nutrient
D) To avoid illness
  • 18. 18. All except one is a way to ensure food safety
A) Bad toilet and kitchen habit
B) Cook food thoroughly
C) Avoid the use of bare hand
D) Keep storage facilities clean
  • 19. 19. The practice of proper cooking and serving of food is
A) Food adulteration
B) Food contamination
C) Food hygiene
D) Food preparation
  • 20. 20. The way an individual sits and stands is called ______
A) Position
B) Exercise
C) Posture
D) Leisure
  • 21. 21. A good sitting position includes
A) Knees should be at right angle to the feet on the floor
B) Always crossing of legs
C) Back must not rest on chair
D) Head and chin should always look straight
  • 22. 22. Bad posture may occur when one of these becomes weak
A) Chins
B) Spine
C) Nails
D) Gum
  • 23. 23. One of these is not a good posture
A) Knees should be straight
B) Back should be bent
C) Shoulders should be relaxed
D) Weight should balance on both feet
  • 24. 24. All except one is a healthy eating habit
A) Move your body while sitting
B) Do not hurry over a meal
C) Proper chewing of food
D) Put enough size in your mouth at once
  • 25. 25. Food wastage can be avoided when the number of consumers is known and by proper measurement of food stuffs
A) True
B) False
  • 26. 26. Weeds are _______
A) Processed plants
B) Unwanted plants
C) Stored plants
D) Grown plants
  • 27. 27. Like every plants weeds can be annuals, perennials and biennials based on lifecycle
A) No
B) Yes
  • 28. 28. Weeds are easily dispersed because _______
A) Stump or cut weed can grow out againt
B) They regain their strength after being trampled on
C) They produce many seeds that spread easily
D) Their seeds can remain undamaged for long period of harsh weather
  • 29. 29. One example of weeds that can be used as food is
A) Mistletoe
B) Guinea grass
C) Stylo
D) Water leaf
  • 30. 30. The use of organosms to control weeds is
A) Mechanical
B) Biological
C) Cultural
D) Chemical
  • 31. 31. Cultural methods of weed control may take the form of _______
A) Use of hoe
B) Use of machine
C) Use of cover crops
D) Use of animals
  • 32. 32. Some weeds and pests control methods have bad effects on forage crops and ground water
A) False
B) True
  • 33. 33. Insects that make holes on crops are ______ insects
A) Chewing
B) Sucking
C) Boring
D) Welding
  • 34. 34. An example of piercing and sucking insects is
A) Grasshopper
B) Weevil
C) Beetle
D) Butterfly
  • 35. 35. What group of pests are cattles
A) Birds
B) Rodents
C) Insects
D) Mammals
  • 36. 36. Piercing and sucking insects _______
A) Defoliate a crop
B) Break the stems of plants
C) Reduce the food item in crops
D) Completely eat up a fruit
  • 37. 37. One effect of weeds and pests on plants is
A) Enough sale and profit
B) Loss to farmers
C) Food surplus
D) Encouragement of farming
  • 38. 38. What kind of pest is a mouse
A) Rodent
B) Worm
C) Bird
D) Insect
  • 39. 39. Herbicides means
A) Pest killers
B) Pathogen killers
C) Disease fighters
D) Weed killers
  • 40. 40. Which of these denies a weed the space to grow
A) Mixed cropping
B) Inter planting
C) Crop rotation
D) Inter croping
  • 41. 41. Asset that can be used to attain the need of the family is __
A) Equipment
B) Utensils
C) Resources
D) Materials
  • 42. 42. Energy is a ______ resources
A) Artificial
B) Natural
C) Non human
D) Human
  • 43. 43. Decision making means
A) Choice by force
B) Choice among alternatives
C) Choice of all option
D) Choice of no alternative
  • 44. 44. Personal decision includes
A) Number of children in a family
B) Choice to work hard
C) Where to build an industries
D) Vacation period from school
  • 45. 45. Household linen are used to ______
A) Maintain the home
B) Construct the bridge
C) Build a house
D) Make paper crafts
  • 46. 46. Germent repair include fastening a loose buttons
A) True
B) False
  • 47. 47.A tear in a garment is mended
A) After ironing
B) Before washing
C) While ironing
D) After washing
  • 48. 48. Stain should not be removed when they are fresh
A) True
B) False
  • 49. 49. The process of weaving strong threads into materials is _________
A) Patching
B) Boiling
C) Dyeing
D) Darning
  • 50. 50. Textiles are made from ________
A) Hide and skin
B) Ore
C) Cotton
D) Rubber
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