Spike Spiegel
  • 1. What is Spike Spiegel's primary profession?
A) Bounty Hunter
B) Investigator
C) Chef
D) Pilot
  • 2. Who is Spike Spiegel's partner and comrade in bounty hunting?
A) Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV
B) Jet Black
C) Faye Valentine
D) Ein
  • 3. What is the name of Spike Spiegel's former lover and fellow Red Dragon member?
A) Spikeita
B) Anna
C) Julia
D) Stella
  • 4. Which martial art does Spike Spiegel specialize in?
A) Taekwondo
B) Jujitsu
C) Karate
D) Jeet Kune Do
  • 5. What is the name of the criminal organization affiliated with Spike Spiegel's estranged partner-in-crime, Vicious?
A) Green Tiger Alliance
B) Blue Phoenix Clan
C) Black Serpent Order
D) Red Dragon Syndicate
  • 6. What is the name of the satellite that Spike Spiegel often gazes at, reflecting on his past?
A) Ganymede
B) Callisto
C) Titan
D) Europa
  • 7. What is the color of Spike Spiegel's hair?
A) Purple
B) Green
C) Black
D) Blonde
  • 8. Which planet does Spike Spiegel primarily operate on throughout the series?
A) Venus
B) Jupiter
C) Mars
D) Saturn
  • 9. What is Spike Spiegel's catchphrase or motto that symbolizes his approach to life?
A) Whatever happens, happens
B) Never give up, never surrender
C) Always aim high
D) The only easy day was yesterday
  • 10. Which character often engages in humorous banter and playful arguments with Spike Spiegel on the Bebop?
A) Jet Black
B) Faye Valentine
C) Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV
D) Ein
  • 11. What is the name of the jazz piece that serves as Spike Spiegel's theme music in the series?
A) Smooth Operator
B) Jazzercise Jive
C) Space Blues
D) Tank!
  • 12. What kind of pet does Spike Spiegel keep on the Bebop spaceship?
A) Corgi
B) Cat
C) Goldfish
D) Parrot
  • 13. What is the color of the suit Spike Spiegel typically wears?
A) Black
B) Blue
C) Red
D) Yellow
  • 14. What is the name of the jazz bar where Spike Spiegel often spends his downtime and listens to live music performances?
A) Bebop
B) Jazz Junction
C) Blue Note
D) Moonlight Sonata
  • 15. What is Spike Spiegel's signature weapon of choice for combat engagements?
A) Yamato 2202 Sniper Rifle
B) Cerberus Grenade Launcher
C) Jericho 941
D) Kaioken Assault Rifle
  • 16. What kind of ship does Spike Spiegel pilot?
A) Red Tail
B) Swordfish II
C) Bebop
D) Black Dog
  • 17. Who is the director of 'Cowboy Bebop' where Spike Spiegel is a main character?
A) Hayao Miyazaki
B) Hideaki Anno
C) ShinichirĊ Watanabe
D) Mamoru Oshii
  • 18. In 'Cowboy Bebop', what is the name of the dog that appears on the Bebop?
A) Faye
B) Ein
C) Spike
D) Jet
  • 19. Who is the voice actor for Spike Spiegel in the English dub of 'Cowboy Bebop'?
A) Steve Blum
B) Crispin Freeman
C) Yuri Lowenthal
D) Johnny Yong Bosch
  • 20. What is the real name of Spike Spiegel's nemesis in 'Cowboy Bebop'?
A) Malevolent
B) Sinister
C) Vicious
D) Ruthless
  • 21. What year was 'Cowboy Bebop' first aired, introducing the character of Spike Spiegel to viewers?
A) 2001
B) 2004
C) 1995
D) 1998
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