The Third Man
  • 1. Who directed the film 'The Third Man'?
A) Steven Spielberg
B) Francis Ford Coppola
C) Alfred Hitchcock
D) Carol Reed
  • 2. What year was 'The Third Man' released?
A) 1956
B) 1963
C) 1949
D) 1971
  • 3. Who played the role of Harry Lime in the film?
A) Cary Grant
B) Marlon Brando
C) Humphrey Bogart
D) Orson Welles
  • 4. In which city is 'The Third Man' primarily set?
A) Paris
B) Vienna
C) Rome
D) London
  • 5. Who wrote the screenplay for 'The Third Man'?
A) Graham Greene
B) Ernest Hemingway
C) Agatha Christie
D) F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • 6. Which actor played the role of Major Calloway in the film?
A) Trevor Howard
B) Peter Sellers
C) Gregory Peck
D) James Stewart
  • 7. What is the name of the actor who portrays Holly Martins?
A) Spencer Tracy
B) Gary Cooper
C) Joseph Cotten
D) Laurence Olivier
  • 8. Who played the role of Anna Schmidt in 'The Third Man'?
A) Audrey Hepburn
B) Alida Valli
C) Grace Kelly
D) Ingrid Bergman
  • 9. What is the name of Harry Lime's iconic speech on the Ferris wheel?
A) Tower Clock Address
B) Carousel Monologue
C) Big Ben Dialogue
D) Cuckoo Clock Speech
  • 10. Who composed the music for 'The Third Man'?
A) Richard Wagner
B) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
C) Johann Strauss II
D) Anton Karas
  • 11. Which character famously says, 'Look down there. Tell me. Would you really feel any pity if one of those dots stopped moving forever?'
A) Anna Schmidt
B) Major Calloway
C) Holly Martins
D) Harry Lime
  • 12. In 'The Third Man', what is Harry Lime compared to in one of the movie's most famous lines?
A) A sewer
B) A cuckoo clock
C) A Ferris wheel
D) A zither
  • 13. What type of film is 'The Third Man' often classified as?
A) Horror
B) Romantic comedy
C) Film noir
D) Musical
  • 14. Which instrument features prominently in the film's iconic score by Anton Karas?
A) Zither
B) Piano
C) Accordion
D) Violin
  • 15. Which character in the film is portrayed as an innocent victim caught up in the corruption of Vienna?
A) Harry Lime
B) Major Calloway
C) Holly Martins
D) Anna Schmidt
  • 16. What is the central theme of 'The Third Man'?
A) Redemption
B) Good vs. evil
C) Love conquers all
D) Moral ambiguity
  • 17. Which war serves as the backdrop for the post-war setting of the film?
A) World War II
B) Korean War
C) Vietnam War
D) Cold War
  • 18. Who dominates the film's visual style with its classic expressionist cinematography?
A) Hoyte van Hoytema
B) Robert Krasker
C) Emmanuel Lubezki
D) Roger Deakins
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