Island Adventures
  • 1. Which of the following activities is commonly associated with island adventures?
A) Skiing
B) Ice fishing
C) Rock climbing
D) Snorkeling
  • 2. What type of clothing is typically recommended for island adventures?
A) Ski suits
B) Lightweight, breathable clothing
C) Heavy winter jackets
D) Formal attire
  • 3. What is an essential item to bring on an island adventure for navigation?
A) Skis
B) Camping chair
C) Map
D) Umbrella
  • 4. What is commonly found underwater during island adventures?
A) City buildings
B) Igloos
C) Desert sand
D) Coral reefs
  • 5. What is a key safety tip for island adventures involving water activities?
A) Leave valuables unattended
B) Dive without supervision
C) Wear a life jacket
D) Ignore warning signs
  • 6. What should adventurers check before embarking on island adventures by boat?
A) Weather conditions
B) Recipe ingredients
C) Movie showtimes
D) Book availability
  • 7. Where can adventurers observe a diverse marine ecosystem during island adventures?
A) Desert
B) Reef
C) Forest
D) Iceberg
  • 8. What is a great way to explore islands on foot during adventures?
A) Lawn bowling
B) Ice skating
C) Tap dancing
D) Hiking
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