Semester1 exam study guide world history
__1. BuddhismA. resting place for pharaohs after death
__2. EgyptB. river that flows northward 4100
__3. MesopotamiaC. land between the Tigris and Euphrates
__4. monotheisumD. belief of many gods
__5. monsoonsE. fertile crescent
__6. mummificationF. belief of only a single god
__7. Nile RiverG. seasonal winds
__8. polytheisumH. embalming and drying a corpse to prevent decay
__9. pyramidsI. Siddhartha Gautma was the founder
__10. South-West AsiaJ. Moses led the Hebrews out of slavery from this country
__11. AlphabetsA. most powerful Hebrew king
__12. DemocracyB. Ancient capital of Isreal; est by King Solomon
__13. DramaC. 106,000 verse poem
__14. HomerD. the chief of the Greek God
__15. JersaluamE. first five books of the Hebrew Bible
__16. King SolomonF. wrote the Iliad and Odyssey
__17. MonoarchyG. state ruled by king or queen
__18. Mt. OlympusH. state ruled by citizens
__19. torahI. place where Greek Gods lived
__20. ZeusJ. tragedy and comedy are two kinds of Greek these
__21. ChristianityA. War between Sparta and Athens
__22. GuspelsB. date in which Julius Caesar was assassinated
__23. inflationC. 200 year period of peace and prosperity in Rome
__24. March 15, 44 BCD. was invaded by Alexander after becoming king
__25. Par RomanaE. first four books of the new testament
__26. PaulF. religion born within Judaism
__27. Peloponnesian WarG. victorious in the Punic Wars
__28. PersiaH. the apostle who had big influence on Christanity
__29. RomeI. drastic drop in value of money
__30. Tarquen the ProudJ. the last king of Rome
__31. AssyriaA. highest building in Babylon
__32. ConfuciusB. helped Dairus seize the throne
__33. HasthepsutC. China's most influential scholar
__34. ImmorialsD. persian governors
__35. NebuchadnezzarE. Chaldean king who had hanging gardens in Babylon
__36. SatrapF. 1st female pharoh
__37. Zhou dynastyG. based empire on tolerance and diplomacy
__38. ZigguratH. society that glorified military strength
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