Food preparation
  • 1. Food preparation refers to the process of getting ingredients ready for cooking or consumption. This includes tasks such as washing, chopping, marinating, and seasoning ingredients before they are cooked. Proper food preparation is essential for creating flavorful and safe dishes. It ensures that ingredients are clean, fresh, and properly handled to prevent foodborne illnesses. By carefully preparing ingredients, cooks can enhance the taste and nutritional value of the final dish. Food preparation requires attention to detail, patience, and skill to create delicious meals that satisfy the senses.

    What is the purpose of marinating food?
A) To enhance flavor and tenderize
B) To speed up cooking
C) To reduce nutrients
D) To increase cooking time
  • 2. What is a roux?
A) Cooking method
B) Baking powder substitute
C) Type of spice
D) Mixture of flour and fat used to thicken sauces
  • 3. What is the term for cutting food into small cubes of uniform size?
A) Mincing
B) Julienning
C) Grating
D) Dicing
  • 4. What is the purpose of letting meat 'rest' after cooking?
A) Allow juices to redistribute
B) Marinating flavors to intensify
C) Warming up evenly
D) Cooling down for safe storage
  • 5. Which cooking technique involves submerging food in hot oil to cook quickly?
A) Baking
B) Frying
C) Pressure cooking
D) Grilling
  • 6. What ingredient is a common acid used in marinades?
A) Sugar
B) Salt
C) Vinegar
D) Olive oil
  • 7. Which of the following is a herb commonly used in Italian cuisine?
A) Curry leaf
B) Basil
C) Cilantro
D) Sage
  • 8. What is the main ingredient in a meringue?
A) Butter
B) Flour
C) Egg whites
D) Sugar
  • 9. What does the term 'saute' mean in cooking?
A) To cook quickly in a small amount of fat
B) To bake in the oven
C) To cook slowly in liquid
D) To marinate in sauce
  • 10. What type of flour is commonly used for making bread?
A) Bread flour
B) Cake flour
C) All-purpose flour
D) Rice flour
  • 11. What is the optimal temperature for storing perishable foods in the refrigerator?
A) Room temperature
B) Below 40°F (4°C)
C) Above 50°F (10°C)
D) Freezing temperature
  • 12. Which ingredient is used to thicken sauces and soups?
A) Sugar
B) Salt
C) Baking soda
D) Cornstarch
  • 13. To preserve food using acid and heat, which method is commonly employed?
A) Pickling
B) Canning
C) Drying
D) Freezing
  • 14. What is the term for coating food with a liquid mixture before cooking?
A) Marinating
B) Blanching
C) Grilling
D) Breading
  • 15. Which ingredient is essential for leavening bread?
A) Baking powder
B) Cocoa powder
C) Vinegar
D) Yeast
  • 16. Which spice is known for its bright yellow color and warm flavor?
A) Paprika
B) Turmeric
C) Cayenne
D) Cumin
  • 17. Which kitchen tool is used to mix and beat ingredients?
A) Grater
B) Peeler
C) Whisk
D) Colander
  • 18. What type of knife is best suited for slicing bread?
A) Serrated knife
B) Boning knife
C) Chef's knife
D) Paring knife
  • 19. What is the act of cooking food surrounded by steam in a closed container called?
A) Boiling
B) Sautéing
C) Grilling
D) Steaming
  • 20. What kitchen equipment is best for quickly cooking food at high temperatures?
A) Broiler
B) Pressure cooker
C) Slow cooker
D) Food dehydrator
  • 21. What is the process of coating food in breadcrumbs and baking or frying it called?
A) Marinating
B) Breading
C) Grilling
D) Seasoning
  • 22. What is the key ingredient in a classic French vinaigrette dressing?
A) Ketchup
B) Honey
C) Soy sauce
D) Dijon mustard
  • 23. What cooking technique involves quickly submerging food in boiling water and then ice water to halt the cooking process?
A) Simmering
B) Blanching
C) Steaming
D) Searing
  • 24. What is a common thickening agent derived from seaweed and used in vegan cooking?
A) Xanthan gum
B) Pectin
C) Agar agar
D) Gelatin
  • 25. Which cooking method involves cooking in a liquid at or just below the boiling point?
A) Steaming
B) Simmering
C) Sautéing
D) Grilling
  • 26. What is the technique of applying dry heat directly to food in an oven, under a grill, or over a fire?
A) Braising
B) Stir-frying
C) Roasting
D) Broiling
  • 27. What is the term for a mixture of two or more liquids that are normally unmixable?
A) Emulsion
B) Reduction
C) Deglazing
D) Clarifying
  • 28. Which kitchen appliance is commonly used to blend, purée, or emulsify food?
A) Blender
B) Pressure cooker
C) Food processor
D) Toaster
  • 29. What is the process of cooking meat slowly in liquid at low temperatures to make it tender?
A) Grilling
B) Sautéing
C) Braising
D) Broiling
  • 30. Which cooking method involves cooking food quickly in a small amount of oil over high heat while stirring constantly?
A) Stir-frying
B) Poaching
C) Simmering
D) Baking
  • 31. What is the technique of cooking food on a metal grate over hot coals or another heat source?
A) Braising
B) Roasting
C) Grilling
D) Steaming
  • 32. What is the process of cooking slowly in a small amount of fat over low heat?
A) Sautéing
B) Frying
C) Grilling
D) Baking
  • 33. Which process involves reducing the volume of a liquid by boiling it rapidly to concentrate flavors?
A) Clarifying
B) Reduction
C) Emulsifying
D) Deglazing
  • 34. At what temperature Fahrenheit does water boil?
A) 250
B) 180
C) 212
D) 300
  • 35. Which method of cooking uses dry heat in an oven?
A) Boiling
B) Steaming
C) Grilling
D) Baking
  • 36. What is the process of heating food to a temperature that kills harmful bacteria?
A) Pasteurization
B) Fermentation
C) Deglazing
D) Caramelization
  • 37. Which seasoning is commonly used to enhance the umami flavor in dishes?
A) Oregano
B) Cinnamon
C) Paprika
D) Soy Sauce
  • 38. To prevent pasta from sticking together, you should add what to the cooking water?
A) Vegetable Oil
B) Sugar
C) Salt
D) Vinegar
  • 39. Which of the following is a classic French sauce made from butter, egg yolks, and vinegar?
A) Marinara
B) Salsa
C) Hollandaise
D) Pesto
  • 40. What type of pasta is shaped like small rice grains?
A) Penne
B) Tagliatelle
C) Orzo
D) Fusilli
  • 41. Which tool would you use to thinly slice vegetables?
A) Mandoline
B) Immersion Blender
C) Pastry Cutter
D) Salad Spinner
  • 42. What is the process of browning meat quickly over high heat?
A) Roasting
B) Braising
C) Simmering
D) Searing
  • 43. Which ingredient is used to create a light and airy texture in baked goods?
A) Molasses
B) Baking Powder
C) Cornstarch
D) Yeast
  • 44. What is the primary ingredient in hummus?
A) Lentils
B) Kidney Beans
C) Black Beans
D) Chickpeas
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