The School Play by Gary Soto
__1. expositionA. To smile in an insulting way
__2. falling actionB. Refusing to stop or give up
__3. footnoteC. Reveals how everything turns out
__4. plot diagramD. Introduces the setting and the characters. Sets up or hints
__5. propE. an object an actor uses in a play
__6. relentlessF. A picture that helps you understand the events in a story.
__7. resolutionG. Shows how the conflict becomes more difficult Builds suspens
__8. rising actionH. Is the most exciting part and a turning point. Makes the out
__9. rising actionI. Eases the tension in the story. Shows how the main character
__10. smirkJ. a note of reference, explanation, or comment usually placed
__11. Gary SotoA. a group of pioneers who while traveling get trapped in a sno
__12. The Donner PartyB. Author of The School Play is
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