Fraction Story Problems #1
Susie has 16 roses. 1/4 are red.  How many roses are

John had 18 baseball cards. 1/3 of them are
of pitchers.  How many cards have pitchers on them?
Sue bought a dozen donuts.  1/2 are maple bars.
How many maple bars does she have.
Cindy had 24 cookies. She gave 1/8 of them
to her brother.  How many cookies did she give her
Molly has 30 fish in her tank. 1/6 of them are
guppies.  How many fish are guppies?

Dan had 36 lollipops.  2/3 of them
are grape flavored.  How many grape
lollipops does he have?
Stan read 35 books. 2/5 of them were
mysteries.  How many mysteries did he
Nancy bought 20 apples. 3/4 of them were
yellow.  How many yellow apples does she
Nate bought 18 T-shirts. 2/6 were blue. How many
shirts weren't blue?

Jean had 24 hats. 3/4 are baseball caps.
How many hats aren't baseball caps?
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