Napoleon Bonaparte
  • 1. Where was Napoleon Bonaparte born?
A) France
B) Spain
C) Corsica
D) Italy
  • 2. What was Napoleon's official title when he became ruler of France in 1804?
A) President
B) King
C) Dictator
D) Emperor
  • 3. Napoleon's famous retreat from Moscow occurred in which year?
A) 1815
B) 1799
C) 1812
D) 1805
  • 4. What was the name of Napoleon's final battle that led to his ultimate defeat?
A) Battle of Austerlitz
B) Battle of Waterloo
C) Battle of Borodino
D) Battle of Leipzig
  • 5. Which island was Napoleon's first place of exile?
A) Elba
B) St. Helena
C) Corsica
D) Sardinia
  • 6. What was Napoleon's famous law code called?
A) French Constitution
B) Code of Liberty
C) Napoleonic Doctrine
D) Napoleonic Code
  • 7. What was the name of Napoleon's famous horse?
A) Marengo
B) Shadowfax
C) Rocinante
D) Black Beauty
  • 8. In which country did Napoleon face a disastrous invasion in 1812?
A) Spain
B) Russia
C) Italy
D) Austria
  • 9. What is the title of the famous painting depicting Napoleon on a rearing horse?
A) Conquest of Europe
B) Emperor in Battle
C) Napoleon's Triumph
D) Napoleon Crossing the Alps
  • 10. What was the name of Napoleon's most famous naval defeat?
A) Battle of Trafalgar
B) Battle of Austerlitz
C) Battle of Borodino
D) Battle of Marengo
  • 11. What was the name of Napoleon's nephew who later became Emperor of France?
A) Napoleon III
B) Louis Napoleon
C) Napoleon II
D) Charles Louis Napoleon
  • 12. Where is Napoleon's tomb located?
A) Sainte-Chapelle, Paris
B) Les Invalides, Paris
C) Westminster Abbey, London
D) Père Lachaise Cemetery, Paris
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