James Watt
  • 1. Who is credited with the invention of the modern steam engine?
A) Nikola Tesla
B) Thomas Edison
C) Alexander Graham Bell
D) James Watt
  • 2. In which country was James Watt born?
A) Wales
B) Scotland
C) Ireland
D) England
  • 3. When was James Watt born?
A) 1801
B) 1889
C) 1736
D) 1650
  • 4. Whose partnership with James Watt played a crucial role in improving the steam engine?
A) Matthew Boulton
B) Thomas Jefferson
C) Henry Ford
D) George Washington
  • 5. In what year did James Watt patent his steam engine design?
A) 1799
B) 1700
C) 1769
D) 1825
  • 6. What was the profession of James Watt's father?
A) Tailor
B) Blacksmith
C) Shipwright
D) Carpenter
  • 7. Where did James Watt die?
A) Scotland
B) Ireland
C) England
D) France
  • 8. What was the name of James Watt's wife?
A) Margaret Miller
B) Mary Johnson
C) Sarah Brown
D) Elizabeth Smith
  • 9. Which body awarded James Watt with the Copley Medal in 1784?
A) Royal Society
B) United Nations
C) European Union
D) Nobel Committee
  • 10. What title was bestowed upon James Watt by King George III in 1806?
A) Knight Bachelor
B) Duke
C) Baron
D) Prince
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