Corn grown Americas
  • 1. Where did corn originate?
A) United States
B) Canada
C) Brazil
D) Mexico
  • 2. What is the scientific name for corn?
A) Triticum aestivum
B) Zea mays
C) Hordeum vulgare
D) Solanum lycopersicum
  • 3. Corn is a member of which plant family?
A) Asteraceae
B) Rosaceae
C) Poaceae
D) Fabaceae
  • 4. What is the term for the practice of planting corn in close proximity to beans and squash?
A) Three Sisters
B) Companion Planting
C) Crop Rotation
D) Vertical farming
  • 5. Which country is the largest producer of corn in the Americas?
A) Brazil
B) Mexico
C) Argentina
D) United States
  • 6. Which color of corn is the most common in the Americas?
A) White
B) Yellow
C) Red
D) Blue
  • 7. What is the term for the process of drying and preserving corn for future use?
A) Fermenting
B) Curing
C) Dehydrating
D) Pickling
  • 8. Which of the following is a common pest that affects corn crops?
A) Tomato hornworm
B) Corn earworm
C) Potato beetle
D) Cabbage aphid
  • 9. What is the term for the phenomenon where corn kernels explode when heated rapidly?
A) Cracking
B) Exploding
C) Popping
D) Splitting
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