La Bête Humaine
  • 1. Who is the author of 'La Bête Humaine'?
A) Émile Zola
B) Marcel Proust
C) Victor Hugo
D) Gustave Flaubert
  • 2. What is the English translation of 'La Bête Humaine'?
A) The Beast Within
B) The Wild Animal
C) The Savage Beast
D) The Human Beast
  • 3. In which literary genre does 'La Bête Humaine' belong?
A) Naturalism
B) Modernism
C) Realism
D) Romanticism
  • 4. Who is the main character in 'La Bête Humaine'?
A) François Mauriac
B) Jacques Lantier
C) Étienne Lantier
D) Jean Valjean
  • 5. Who is Jacques Lantier's love interest in 'La Bête Humaine'?
A) Cosette
B) Séverine Roubaud
C) Emma Bovary
D) Anna Karenina
  • 6. What is the tragic flaw of Jacques Lantier in the novel?
A) Naivety
B) Violent impulses
C) Lack of ambition
D) Greed
  • 7. Who is the inspector investigating a series of murders in 'La Bête Humaine'?
A) Javert
B) Roubaud
C) Le Corbeau
D) Monsieur Homais
  • 8. Who directed the 1938 film adaptation of 'La Bête Humaine'?
A) François Truffaut
B) Alfred Hitchcock
C) Federico Fellini
D) Jean Renoir
  • 9. In what year was 'La Bête Humaine' first published?
A) 1900
B) 1850
C) 1920
D) 1890
  • 10. What is the psychological term for the beast within each human, as depicted in 'La Bête Humaine'?
A) Id
B) Superego
C) Persona
D) Ego
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