• 1. What is a violin?
A) A string instrument
B) A brass instrument
C) A wind instrument
D) A percussion instrument
  • 2. Which family of instruments does the violin belong to?
A) Woodwind
B) String
C) Percussion
D) Brass
  • 3. What technique involves rapidly moving the bow back and forth on the strings?
A) Pizzicato
B) Staccato
C) Legato
D) Tremolo
  • 4. Which composer wrote 'The Four Seasons', a famous piece for violin?
A) Ludwig van Beethoven
B) Antonio Vivaldi
C) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
D) Johann Sebastian Bach
  • 5. Which technique involves plucking the strings with the fingers instead of using the bow?
A) Vibrato
B) Legato
C) Pizzicato
D) Arco
  • 6. What is the name of the piece that a soloist may play to showcase their abilities with the violin?
A) Symphony
B) Overture
C) Sonata
D) Concerto
  • 7. What technique involves playing two notes at the same time by stopping two strings with one finger?
A) Glissando
B) Double stop
C) Tremolo
D) Harmonics
  • 8. Which famous violin maker is known as the 'father of the modern violin'?
A) Guarneri del Ges├╣
B) Andrea Amati
C) Niccol├▓ Amati
D) Antonio Stradivari
  • 9. Which term refers to the technique of sliding smoothly between two notes on the violin?
A) Portamento
B) Tremolo
C) Staccato
D) Glissando
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