Evolution of Military Technology
  • 1. Which weapon revolutionized naval warfare in the 16th century?
A) Musket
B) Cannon
C) Crossbow
D) Pike
  • 2. The concept of 'blitzkrieg' was developed and used effectively by which country in World War II?
A) Germany
B) Soviet Union
C) France
D) Japan
  • 3. Who is considered the 'Father of Napalm' for his role in its development during World War II?
A) Enrico Fermi
B) Alan Turing
C) Werner Heisenberg
D) Louis Fieser
  • 4. Which country developed the AK-47 assault rifle, one of the most widely used firearms in history?
A) United States
B) China
C) Germany
D) Soviet Union
  • 5. During which war were radar systems first used for military purposes?
A) World War I
B) Cold War
C) Korean War
D) World War II
  • 6. Which war saw the introduction of the first machine gun, the Gatling gun, into military use?
A) American Civil War
B) Franco-Prussian War
C) Crimean War
D) Boer War
  • 7. The development of radar during World War II greatly aided which military branch?
A) Navy
B) Artillery
C) Infantry
D) Air Force
  • 8. Which conflict is credited with the first use of flamethrowers as a significant weapon in combat?
A) World War I
B) American Civil War
C) Crimean War
D) Boer War
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