Semana Santa
  • 1. Semana Santa, also known as Holy Week, is a significant religious observance in the Christian calendar that commemorates the Passion, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is a time of solemn reflection and spiritual renewal for millions of Christians around the world. During Semana Santa, various religious ceremonies and processions take place, often featuring elaborate displays of religious iconography and traditional music. The week typically culminates in Easter Sunday, which is celebrated as the day of Jesus' Resurrection. Semana Santa is a time for believers to come together in prayer, devotion, and community, to honor the sacrifice of Jesus and to reaffirm their faith in the promise of new life and redemption.

    What does Semana Santa translate to in English?
A) Saints Week
B) Church Week
C) Holy Week
D) Easter Week
  • 2. Which country is known for its elaborate Semana Santa processions?
A) France
B) Brazil
C) Italy
D) Spain
  • 3. What is the traditional Spanish treat eaten during Semana Santa?
A) Torrijas
B) Paella
C) Tapas
D) Churros
  • 4. What color is commonly associated with mourning during Semana Santa?
A) Blue
B) Yellow
C) Green
D) Purple
  • 5. Which famous historical figure was said to be born during Semana Santa?
A) Christopher Columbus
B) Galileo Galilei
C) Leonardo da Vinci
D) Michelangelo
  • 6. During Semana Santa, what are the floats depicting scenes from the Bible called?
A) Pasos
B) Platforms
C) Boats
D) Carriages
  • 7. Which city is known for hosting one of the most famous Semana Santa celebrations in Spain?
A) Barcelona
B) Valencia
C) Madrid
D) Seville
  • 8. What is the name of the special musical compositions played during Semana Santa processions?
A) Concertos
B) Symphonies
C) Sonatas
D) Marchas
  • 9. Which day of the week does Semana Santa traditionally start on?
A) Friday
B) Monday
C) Wednesday
D) Sunday
  • 10. What symbol is often displayed on the hoods worn during Semana Santa processions in Spain?
A) Cross
B) Moon
C) Heart
D) Star
  • 11. Which event from the Bible is commemorated on Good Friday during Semana Santa?
A) Last Supper
B) Crucifixion of Jesus
C) Resurrection of Jesus
D) Baptism of Jesus
  • 12. Which iconic statue is paraded through the streets of Seville during Semana Santa?
A) La Plaza Mayor
B) El Prado
C) La Macarena
D) La Sagrada Familia
  • 13. Which color is associated with purity and worn by some participants during Semana Santa?
A) Gold
B) Red
C) White
D) Black
  • 14. What color is traditionally associated with mourning and worn during Semana Santa?
A) Red
B) White
C) Blue
D) Black
  • 15. In which month does Semana Santa usually take place?
A) March or April
B) September or October
C) January or February
D) May or June
  • 16. Which part of Spain is known for its maritime-themed Semana Santa processions?
A) Andalusia
B) Catalonia
C) Galicia
D) Asturias
  • 17. In which country is Semana Santa also a significant cultural event aside from Spain?
A) India
B) Australia
C) Guatemala
D) Russia
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