Black and White
  • 1. Who sang the song 'Black or White'?
A) Elvis Presley
B) Prince
C) Michael Jackson
D) Madonna
  • 2. Which animal is famous for being black and white striped?
A) Zebra
B) Lion
C) Giraffe
D) Panda
  • 3. Which classic film is known for being in black and white?
A) The Matrix
B) Titanic
C) Casablanca
D) Jurassic Park
  • 4. Who wrote the famous novel 'Black Beauty'?
A) Jane Austen
B) Mark Twain
C) J.K. Rowling
D) Anna Sewell
  • 5. Which musician released the album 'The White Album'?
A) Queen
B) The Beatles
C) Pink Floyd
D) Led Zeppelin
  • 6. What is the opposite of black in the context of light?
A) Blue
B) White
C) Yellow
D) Grey
  • 7. What symbol is typically associated with Yin and Yang philosophy?
A) Taijitu
B) Star
C) Cross
D) Heart
  • 8. Which classic TV show featured a main character named Lucy who often found herself in hilarious situations?
A) Friends
B) I Love Lucy
C) Seinfeld
D) The Simpsons
  • 9. Who directed the classic movie 'Schindler's List' which was filmed in black and white with some color scenes?
A) Quentin Tarantino
B) Alfred Hitchcock
C) Steven Spielberg
D) Martin Scorsese
  • 10. What is the name of the cartoon character known for constantly trying to catch the elusive Road Runner, often depicted in a black and white striped outfit?
A) Bugs Bunny
B) Daffy Duck
C) Wile E. Coyote
D) Tweety Bird
  • 11. What is the profession of a person who specializes in capturing images and moments using black and white photography techniques?
A) Writer
B) Sculptor
C) Painter
D) Photographer
  • 12. Which symbolic color represents mourning and is often seen in combination with white at funerals?
A) Blue
B) Black
C) Red
D) Yellow
  • 13. What type of bear is known for its distinct black and white fur patterns and is native to China?
A) Giant Panda
B) Brown Bear
C) Polar Bear
D) Grizzly Bear
  • 14. In the world of fashion, what classic pattern features black and white squares of equal size?
A) Polka dots
B) Checkerboard
C) Stripes
D) Floral
  • 15. Which famous magician was known for his black and white striped suit and his spectacular escapes?
A) Harry Houdini
B) Harry Blackstone
C) Franz Harary
D) David Copperfield
  • 16. What is the name of the classic American building toy that uses black and white interlocking plastic bricks?
A) Lincoln Logs
C) Tinkertoys
  • 17. Who is the director of the 1998 movie 'Pleasantville'?
A) Steven Spielberg
B) Gary Ross
C) Christopher Nolan
D) Quentin Tarantino
  • 18. What is the title of Michael Jackson's landmark album first released in 1982?
A) Thriller
B) Dangerous
C) Bad
D) Off the Wall
  • 19. Who composed the famous piano composition 'Für Elise'?
A) Johann Sebastian Bach
B) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
C) Ludwig van Beethoven
D) Frederic Chopin
  • 20. What is the name of the famous white wolf in 'The Jungle Book' by Rudyard Kipling?
A) Shere Khan
B) Mowgli
C) Akela
D) Raksha
  • 21. In astronomy, what is the name of the brightest star in the constellation Canis Major known as the 'Dog Star'?
A) Polaris
B) Vega
C) Sirius
D) Betelgeuse
  • 22. Which famous novel by Jane Austen begins with the sentence 'It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife'?
A) Persuasion
B) Sense and Sensibility
C) Emma
D) Pride and Prejudice
  • 23. What popular shape-shifting robot character is known for their black and white color scheme and iconic catchphrase 'More than meets the eye'?
A) Bumblebee
B) Soundwave
C) Megatron
D) Optimus Prime
  • 24. What famous TV series features a protagonist named Walter White who becomes a methamphetamine kingpin?
A) The Walking Dead
B) Stranger Things
C) Breaking Bad
D) Game of Thrones
  • 25. What is the term for a photographic technique that captures images in varying tones of black and white, often associated with classic and artistic photography?
A) Monochrome
B) Sepia
C) Technicolor
D) Pop Art
  • 26. Which British rock band released the iconic album 'The Dark Side of the Moon' in 1973?
A) The Rolling Stones
B) Led Zeppelin
C) Pink Floyd
D) The Beatles
  • 27. Who portrayed the character of the black and white clown-faced vigilante in the movie 'Watchmen' based on the graphic novel by Alan Moore?
A) Patrick Wilson
B) Jackie Earle Haley
C) Matthew Goode
D) Billy Crudup
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