2nd SW Warm Up 4-6
1.Mrs. Davis was doing an experiment.  She mixed two substances together in a flask and noticed that the beaker became very cold.  Cold enough to form ice crystals on the outside of the beaker.  Mrs. Davis concluded that:
No type of reaction occurred
This may be evidence of a chemical reaction
A physical change occurred
He just discovered how freezers work
Mrs. Ruble was doing a demonstration in class.  She 
began boiling a beaker of water on a hot plate.  Over 
a period of 5 minutes, students observed steam 
rising from the beaker and the level of water in the 
beaker had reduced from 200mL to 100mL.  This is
evidence of:
a chemical change 
no change has occurred
a change in the state of matter
there's no way to know what has occurred
3.During a lab experiment, two students observed a faint glow in the beaker.  Their substance began to change color and there was a slight odor detected.They concluded that they had just observed:
an ionic bond between two covalent atoms
a chemical reaction
a new element being formed
Which of the following is NOT an example of a 
chemical change?
sodium and water reacting
cooking eggs in a pan
burnt toast
torn paper
Which of the following IS an example of
a chemical change?
fireworks exploding
a broken pencil
taking out the trash
Cutting down a tree
6.To write a chemical symbol, the first letter is capitalized and any other letters are lowercase.
Only in chemical formulas
7.How many chemical symbols (elements) are represented in the following formula:


True or False

Nails rusting is an example of a chemical






Which of the following is NOT true about


They are pure substances

Are made from other substances

Represented by a chemical symbol

Make up matter on earth and in space

Which chemical reaction lab is being described?
10. Ammonium thyocianate and barium hydroxide 
were added together in a flask. A stopper was placed 
on top of the flask and the two chemicals were mixed together.  As they mixed, the two solids became liquid, produced a gas, and became very cold.  The title of this lab was:
Freezer Flask
The Barium Hydroxide Change
Chemical Reactions with White Flakey Solids
Chemical Reactions with Cold Liquids
11.Mrs. Ruble made some Kool-aid.  As she mixed the Kool-aid, she noticed the water changed color from clear to red. Mrs. Ruble concludes that:
the water has changed into a brand new
a chemical reaction happened
a chemical reaction did NOT happen since the color change was expected, and there were no otherchanges observed


Density is calculated by using the formula:

__________ ÷ __________ = density

pounds, inches

length, width

 mass, volume

watts, hour

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