• 1. the ... language is English
A) more importanter
B) importanting
C) most importanting
D) most important
  • 2. the English book ..... by my english teacher
A) was written
B) wrote
C) writing
D) written
  • 3. If she ... early, she ... early
A) getting-will arived
B) get up-arrive
C) got up - will arrive
D) gets up- will arrive
  • 4. Sam usually ... shopping by bus
A) goes
B) has go
C) gone
D) go
  • 5. Sue and Joseph ... car next month
A) are buying
B) were buying
C) are bought
D) will bought
  • 6. Women ... long dresses 300 hundred years ago.
A) used to wear
B) uses to
C) are using to
D) are used
  • 7. Peter .... a pet when he was a child.
A) did not has
B) did not have
C) does not have
D) did not had
  • 8. My mom has an ... ring
A) amazing, ring, white
B) gold,white ring
C) amazing, white, ring
D) white, ring, gold
  • 9. ...she .... the carpet?
A) has - break
B) has - broked
C) has - breaking
D) has - broken
  • 10. Tom ... the tomatoes when the alarm fire turned on
A) is cutting
B) was cut
C) was cutting
D) is cutted
  • 11. ... she was running, she was drinking water.
A) While
B) So
C) However
D) Then
  • 12. I' m so hungry , I ... buy something
A) going
B) do
C) will
D) did
  • 13. My Mom bought vegetables, she is.. .. to prepare soup.
A) could
B) may
C) going
D) go to
  • 14. Sonia is gainning weight , She ... do exersice.
A) should to
B) should
C) can
D) may
  • 15. .... you boil water, it .......
A) if- will evaporate
B) If- can evaporate
C) If - evaporate
D) If- evaporates
  • 16. The coffee is too hot, ..... ?
A) isnĀ“t it?
B) yes,It is?
C) is it?
D) It is ?
  • 17. "she is so tired", he said
A) she said, she must be tired
B) he said she was so tired
C) he said she is so tired
D) She said she will be tired
  • 18. Tom will make a Poster
A) A poster will made Tom
B) A poster will make by Tom
C) A poster will made by Tom
D) A poster will be made by Tom
  • 19. Sue was cleaning the house
A) The house was being cleaning by Sue
B) The house was being clean by Sue s clean
C) The house was being cleaned by Sue
D) The house was cleaning by Sue
  • 20. Sue has not cleaned the house ....
A) for
B) already
C) yet
D) since
  • 21. What do you do for a living?
A) she asked me what I do for a living
B) she asked me what I have done for a living
C) she asked me what I did for a living
D) what I do for a living
  • 22. If he had studied harder at school....
A) He would have gone to the university
B) He goes to the university
C) He will go to the univesity
D) He would go to the university
  • 23. If I did not feel so tired .......
A) I would gone with you
B) I would have gone with you
C) I would go with you
D) I go with you
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