Process cm3j
  • 1. It means guarded to confidentiality of classified information against unauthorized disclosure
A) Keep record
B) Secrecy of discipline
C) Confidentiality
D) Secret
  • 2. Anti-graft and corruption practice act
A) RA 856
B) RA 3019
C) RA 9165
D) RA 6975
  • 3. When PNP members in their families involved themselves in religious, social and civic activities in the community,it enhances _____ which will work well for the image of the police
A) Sociology
B) Social awareness
C) Social structure
D) Social bond
  • 4. Pnp should not commit any acts of corruption
A) false
B) no
C) yes
D) True
  • 5. Justice should be serve as
A) quality
B) c&d
C) bias
D) Fair
  • 6. Pnp should encourage to actively get involved and religious social and civic activities
A) Social structure
B) Social bond
C) Nota
D) Social awareness
  • 7. It is conducted to ensure the applicant to be hired is desirable.
A) Background investigation
B) Investigation
C) Hearing
D) Background investigation of education
  • 8. It is the process where they choose the deserve and desirable applicant
A) application
B) recruitment
C) Selection
  • 9. An act of immorality
A) smoking while patrolling
B) not wearing uniform
C) Living with the woman not his wife
D) always absent
  • 10. Building---- with members of community is an important aspect of the community policy.
A) Rapport
B) relation
C) houses
D) kindness
  • 11. The following choices, which one is the power of police officer
A) To marry many girls
B) To intimidate youth
C) To violate The law
D) To arrest
  • 12. Police officer should always wear shades while patrolling.the statement is.
A) not impossible
B) possible
C) true
D) False
  • 13. It's refers to the belief,principles and philosophies that are important, cherished,prized, upheld and defended.
A) ethics
B) Values
C) virtue
D) moral
  • 14. Refers to the quality of moral excellence as
A) moral
B) Virtue
C) morality
D) ethics
  • 15. The following are belongs to the core work values of PNP, except one
A) sense of responsibility
B) order
C) service
D) Always wear complete uniform
  • 16. It means to work for another
A) assist
B) assistance
C) Service
D) leading
  • 17. It is awarded to any police officer who shows heroism
A) Valor
B) achievements
C) certification
D) medal
  • 18. Pnp are allowed to violet any law this is statement is
A) Truely
B) Impossible
C) False
D) True
  • 19. Below are under the tri bureau in the philippines except.
  • 20. It is the lowest rank in the pnp
A) Corporal
C) General director
D) Police patrolman/woman
  • 21. It is the lowest drunk in the commission officer of PNP
A) Police lieutenant
B) Police corporal
C) Patrolman
D) Director
  • 22. Knowing and practicing the pnp ethical standard as a police officer is an example of.
A) virtue
B) Applied ethics theory
C) normative
D) deontology
  • 23. It is a normative ethical system that is primarily concerned with the consequences of ethical decision
A) Normative ethical theory
B) applied ethics
C) deontology
D) meta-ettics
  • 24. Philippine national policies under of what department
A) Office of the president
  • 25. It is primarily concerned with caring for others this has involved from the need to care for those who cannot care for themselves such as infants.
A) ethics of love
B) applied ethics
C) Ethics of care
D) normative ethics
  • 26. A voice of reason by being oneself avoid evil and the good
A) moral
B) discretion
C) ethics
D) Conscience
  • 27. It is an ethical system primarily concerned with one duty
A) Deontology
B) normative
C) virtue
D) deontology
  • 28. Which of the statement be best suit on the phrase " ignorance of the law excuses no one"
A) A taxi driver who falls to carry with him he's driver license
B) An educated person who does not know to read violated an offense
C) An idiot person shouting that there is bump at the plaza
D) A man who kills another person just to save himself from danger
  • 29. A police officer on witness stand is not called the fan to express his be about the skin or to make a speech of the following the most accurate si statement of this situation is that
A) To tell the investigation process
B) To tell the truth and suggestion
C) Any of these
D) To tell the truth and nothing but the truth
  • 30. An example of police immorality is?
A) Not in uniform while driving the police vehicle
B) Always late
C) Smoking inside the station
D) Living with a woman not his wife
  • 31. A mental or moral training that makes up man willing to be subject to controls and regulations for the good of the entire group of which he is a member.
A) Discipline
B) Kindness
C) Righteous
D) Loyalty
  • 32. The best police officer can do to the community is?
A) Arrest
B) Rescue
C) Perform his job well
D) Care
  • 33. The word deontology comes from the greek word deon meaning obligation or duty the statement is
A) Nota
B) Truely
C) False
D) True
  • 34. Outdoor a t of a person he exercised over his subordinates
A) Assistance
B) Command responsibility
C) Any of these
D) Leading
  • 35. All police officers should conduct themselves in an upright manner at all times because
A) Nota
B) One for all all for one
C) Individual actions are reflective of the police officer
D) Individual action doesn't matter
  • 36. The word deontology comes from the greek word deon meaning obligation or duty the statement is.
A) Yes
B) No
C) False
D) True
  • 37. When pnp members and their families involved themselves in religious social and civic activities in the community in it enhance which will work well for the image of police
A) Public relation
B) Social information
C) Social awareness
D) Sociology
  • 38. Public officials and employees shall always uphold the public interest over the above personal interest the statement is
A) False
B) True
C) No
D) Yes
  • 39. All but one is the manner of fighting depression
A) Voluntary work
B) Watching movies
C) Eating out
D) Playing basketball
  • 40. Refers to the concealment or distortion of truth in a matter of fact relevant to one's office or connected with the performance of his duties
A) loyalty
B) Dishonesty
C) kindness
D) trustworthy
  • 41. This refers to any physical force exerted on a person by another free agent for the purpose of compelling said person to act against his will.
A) crime
B) mistake
C) violation
D) Violence
  • 42. It refers to the commitment dignity and attitude of an individual towards work and his integrity and his practice of the core moral values of principle.
A) Duty
B) Responsible
C) Work ethics
D) Professionalism
  • 43. The pnp should live in the accordance with the pnp core values and possess the virtues of honor integrity below justice humility charity and loyalty to the service best describe to
A) PNP field
B) PNP work
C) PNP local
D) PNP image
  • 44. In the law enforcement code of ethics the first line statement that as a law enforcement fundamental duty is to ____mankind
A) Give assurance
B) Arrest
C) Serve
D) Care
  • 45. The wise use of one's judgment personal experience and common sense to decide a particular situation.
A) any of these
B) Discretion
C) conscience
D) decision
  • 46. This refers to unfair or unjust as usually given to friends or relatives
A) unfair
B) corruption
C) Favoritism
D) equality
  • 47. As a general rule, police officer are not permitted or allowed to engage in any other businesses or calling
A) meat eater
B) grass eater
C) salute
D) Moonlighting
  • 48. An established and generally accepted moral values refers to?
A) ethics
B) core
C) standard
D) Ethical standards
  • 49. A voice of reason by being oneself avoid evil and do good
A) discretion
B) Conscience
C) nota
D) decision
  • 50. What is the most supreme corbel use of the philippine national police
A) Love of god
B) Love of the country
C) Love of the duty
D) All of these
  • 51. Among the following choices which one should be the least priority in the enforcement of the law
A) saves life
B) Cordoning the crime scene
C) preserve evidence
D) arrest the suspect
  • 52. An act of the person that copies the work or idea of another person and present it is his own.
A) copyright
B) acknowledgement
C) Plagiarism
D) any of these
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