Sa Pa Rice Terraces in Northern Vietnam
  • 1. What is the primary purpose of the rice terraces in Sa Pa?
A) Rice cultivation
B) Tea production
C) Coffee plantation
D) Cattle farming
  • 2. Which ethnic group traditionally inhabits the Sa Pa region?
A) Hmong
B) Arabic
C) Swahili
D) Japanese
  • 3. What makes the Sa Pa Rice Terraces a popular tourist destination?
A) Industrial factories
B) Desert landscape
C) Fishing opportunities
D) Scenic beauty
  • 4. What has threatened the Sa Pa Rice Terraces in recent years?
A) Climate change
B) Government support
C) Civil unrest
D) Tourist influx
  • 5. Which UNESCO World Heritage status applies to the Sa Pa region?
A) Modern Architecture
B) Natural Wonder
C) Cultural Landscape
D) Underwater City
  • 6. What is the ideal way to explore the Sa Pa Rice Terraces?
A) Horse-riding
B) Cycling
C) Trekking
D) Driving
  • 7. What is the altitude of Sa Pa town where the terraces are located?
A) 3,000 meters
B) 800 meters
C) 1,600 meters
D) 2,500 meters
  • 8. What is the best time of the day to witness the beauty of Sa Pa Rice Terraces?
A) Afternoon
B) Morning
C) Noon
D) Night
  • 9. What sustainable tourism activity can visitors engage in at Sa Pa?
A) Camping
B) Homestays
C) All-inclusive resorts
D) Luxury hotels
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