Brokeback Mountain
  • 1. Who directed the film 'Brokeback Mountain'?
A) David Fincher
B) Ang Lee
C) Christopher Nolan
D) Quentin Tarantino
  • 2. Which country is the setting for most of the film?
A) Australia
C) Canada
D) Mexico
  • 3. What is the name of the characters played by Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal in 'Brokeback Mountain'?
A) Ennis Del Mar and Jack Twist
B) John Smith and William Jones
C) Tom Johnson and Mike Roberts
D) Chris Davis and Alex White
  • 4. In which year was 'Brokeback Mountain' released?
A) 2008
B) 2003
C) 2001
D) 2005
  • 5. What item becomes the symbol of Ennis and Jack's relationship in the film?
A) Hat
B) Shirt
C) Cup
D) Vest
  • 6. Who plays the role of Alma, Ennis's wife, in 'Brokeback Mountain'?
A) Natalie Portman
B) Reese Witherspoon
C) Anne Hathaway
D) Michelle Williams
  • 7. In which state does Ennis live with his family?
A) Montana
B) Wyoming
C) Idaho
D) Colorado
  • 8. What is the tagline of the film 'Brokeback Mountain'?
A) The ultimate forbidden love story
B) Love is a force of nature
C) Discover the power of love
D) Two souls, one love
  • 9. Who wrote the short story on which the film 'Brokeback Mountain' is based?
A) J.K. Rowling
B) Annie Proulx
C) Harper Lee
D) Stephen King
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