• 1. means not only being exact, but also, non-commission of errors
A) factual and objective
B) brief and concise
C) clear and complete
D) well organized and grammatically correct
E) accurate and specific
  • 2. this means that reports should be short or economy of words. use necessary words only as you retain the natural tone of your senses.
A) accurate and specific
B) well organized and grammatically correct
C) clear and complete
D) factual and objective
E) brief and concise
  • 3. this means that the report is free from confusion and ambiguity and is easily understood. the report should include all necessary information such as the 5W's and 1H (who, what, when, where, why, and how)
A) clear and complete
B) brief and concise
C) well organize and grammatically correct
D) accurate and specific
E) factual and objective
  • 4. the report contains only facts not hearsays. a fact is a thing that has actually happened or that is really true.
A) clear and complete
B) accurate and specific
C) brief and concise
D) well organized and grammatically correct
E) factual and objective
  • 5. chronological order is usually used in organizing and writing the facts in police reports. it is also important to follow the standard format and required specification prescribed by the pnp such as official font style which is Arial and font size is 12 including quality paper, proper and clean printing, format, spacing, margin, and indention, among others.
A) accurate and specific
B) brief and concise
C) clear and complete
D) factual and objective
E) well organized and grammatically
  • 6. while instigation exempts, entrapment does not; the difference between the two beings that in entrapment the crime had already been committed while in instigation the crime was not yet, and would not have been, committed where it not for the instigation by the peace officer
A) spot report
B) judicial notice
C) investigation
  • 7. an inquiry, judicial or otherwise for the discovery and collection of facts concerning the matter of matters involved.
A) spot report
B) investigator/officer
C) investigation
  • 8. refers to an immediate initial investigative or incident report addressed to higher headquarters pertaining to the commission of the crime, occurrence of natural or man-made disaster or unusual incidence involving loss of lives in damage of properties
A) crime scene
B) spot report
C) jurisdiction
D) investigation
  • 9. shall refer to any law enforcement personnel belonging to the duly mandated law enforcement agencies (LEA) tasked to enforce Republic Act 9208 such as officers, investigators, and agents of the philippine national
A) tanod
B) police
C) chief espina
D) investigator/officer
  • 10. requisites. three prerequisites to judicial notice of any suggested facts have been stated, namely, 1) that it must be a matter of common and general knowledge, 2) that it must be will and authoritatively settled, and not doubtful or uncertain, 3) that it must be known to be within the limits of the jurisdiction of the court
A) judicial notice
B) waiver
C) jurisdiction
D) criminal investigation
  • 11. the word "jurisdiction"as used in the constitution and the statues means jurisdiction over the subject matter only. unless an exception arises by reasons of its employment in a broader sense.
A) criminal jurisdiction
B) jurisdiction
C) crime scene
D) criminal investigation
  • 12. avenue or place where the alleged crime,incident,event has been committed
A) post
B) crime scene
C) spot report
  • 13. it is the collection of facts in order to accomplish the three fold aims-to identify the guilty party: to locate the guilty party; to provide evidence of his (suspect) guilt
A) criminal law
B) criminal investigation
C) police blotter
D) judicial notice
  • 14. the authority to hear and try a particular offense and impose the punishment for it
A) criminal negligence
B) police blotter
C) criminal jurisdiction
D) jurisdiction
  • 15. one that defines crime. treats of their nature and provides for their punishments. punishments in this sense, refers strictly to the penalty imposed.
A) criminal negligence
B) criminal liability
C) criminal law
  • 16. requisites under article 4 par 1. RPC, a person may be held criminally liable even if the injurious result be greater than that intended, provided this requisites occur 1.) unintentionally felony has been committed; 2) the wrong done to the victim be direct, natural, and logical consequence of the felony committed
A) criminal jurisdiction
B) criminal law
C) criminal liability
  • 17. it consists in the failure to take such precautions or advanced measures in the performance of an act as the most common prudence would suggest, whereby injury is caused to persons or to property
A) tanga lang
B) criminal jurisdiction
C) criminal negligence
D) criminal liability
  • 18. a record or log where all types of operational and undercover dispatches shall be recorded containing the five "W's (who what where when and why) and the "H (How) of an information
A) police blotter
B) criminal law
C) police checkpoint
  • 19. a location where the search is conducted which is duly authorized by the pnp to deter/prevent the commission of crimes, enforce the law, and for other legitimate purposes
A) police blotter
B) post blast investigation
C) police checkpoint
  • 20. a philippine diplomatic and consular position such as an embassy or consulate
A) post blast investigation
B) post blast investigation team
C) post
  • 21. comprehensive foreign seek inquiry specifically on a bombing incident through conduct of various investigative techniques which involves recovery of physical evidence mainly for reconstruction of explosive fragments recovered to determine the device components, the modus operandi and subsequently to identify the perpetrator (s)
A) post
B) post blast investigation
C) post blast investigation team
  • 22. effective and appointive officials and employees, permanent or temporary, whether in the classified or unclassified or exemption service receiving compensation, event nominal from the government
A) classroom officer
B) public servant
C) public officer
D) private officer
  • 23. a noticed to the dependent informing him that an action has been commenced against him which he must answer within a specific time, or else judgement with is taken against him. it is the means by which the defendant is afforded an opportunity, and rights, and thereby has them safe in the defense of his person, property, and rights, and thereby how those safeguarded. the principle object of his process is to give the party to whom it is addressed a notice of proceedings against him
A) service of summons
B) subpoena
C) love letter
  • 24. includes the employment, use, persuasion, inducement, enticement or coercion of a child to engage in, or assist another person to engage in, sexual intercourse or lascivious conduct or the molestation, prostitution or insist with children
A) human trafficking
B) sexual harassment
C) sexual abuse
  • 25. a doctrine in criminal procedure which holds that were a new fact (such as a deformity) for which the defendant is responsible has supervened and this new fact charges the character of the crime first imputed to him so that, together with the facts previously existing, it constitutes a new and distinct offense, no double jeopardy exist.
A) supporting documents
B) service of summons
C) supervening event
  • 26. any paper our document which is required to be submitted with the passport application supporting claims to filipino citizens to complete the application for a passport without which such application would be deemed incomplete or otherwise become subject to denial by the issuing authority
A) biodata
B) supporting documents
C) supervening event
D) evidence
  • 27. individuals who is/are pointed to be by the victims and witness to have committed the crime in issue. subject person is not considered as a criminal unless otherwise his/her conviction is pronounced in the court
A) victim
B) perpetrator
C) suspect or suspects
  • 28. any person who commits an act punishable under the revised penal code hereby sowing and creating a condition of widespread and extraordinary fear and panic among the populace, in order to coerce the government to give in to an unlawful demand shall be guilty of the crime of ___
A) sa bilat niyo
B) terrorism
C) treason
D) arson
  • 29. shall refer to the philippine government and its relevant government agencies, organizations and entities
A) tactical interrogation report
B) united states of the philippines
C) the state
  • 30. the recruitment, transport, transfer or harboring or receipt of persons with or without consent or knowledge, within or across national borders, by means of threat or use of force, or other forms are coercion, abduction, fraud, deception, abuse of power or of position, taking advantage of the vulnerability of the person, or the giving or receiving of payments or benefits to achieve the consent of the person having control over another person for the purpose or exploitation or the prostitution of others forms of sexual exploitation, force labor, our services, slavery, servitude or the removal or sale of organs m
A) trafficking in persons
B) human trafficking
C) unscrupulous
  • 31. unprincipled, or not scrupulous. so, a person who is without scrupule would be one who is lacking in moral integrity,or in principles; not adhering to ethical standards; careless; imprudent
A) victim
B) unscrupulous
C) interrogation
  • 32. the aggrieved party
A) victim communicator
B) suspect
C) victim
  • 33. deals with the locality, the place where the suit maybe had, while jurisdiction treats of the power of the court to decide the case on the merits.
A) scenario
B) venue
C) crime scene
  • 34. the person to whom any demand has been or is likely to be made by the kidnapper and who is expected by the offender to respond
A) venue
B) victim
C) victim communicator
D) the state
  • 35. a detailed account of the victims lifestyle and personality assist in determining the nature of the disappearance, the wrist level of the victim and the type of person who could have committed the crime. complete uniform regarding the victims physical description, normal behavioral patterns, the family dynamics, and known friends and a acquaintances should be obtained as soon as possible.
A) alibi
B) voluntary surrender
C) victimology/victim profiling
D) waiver
  • 36. the doctrine of weaver, from its nature, applies ordinarily to all rights of privilege to which a person is legally entitled, provided such rights or privilege belong to the individual and are intended solely for his benefit.
A) volunteer surrender
B) law enforcement
C) waiver
D) after operation report
  • 37. it involves pnp initiated project and activities geared towards improving the peace and order situation and professionalizing the people.
A) after soco reports
B) after operation report
C) law enforcement
D) affidavit
  • 38. summary judgment. the kind of affidavit necessary to report a summary judgment is that affidavit from which it may be clearly drawn that certain fact pleanded by either party are certain, undisputed and indubitable which dispense with the hearing or trial of the case.
A) affidavit
B) law enforcement
C) after operation report
D) after soco report
  • 39. it is a report that may rendered after any successful police operation that leads to the arrest of any member or some members of syndicated crime group
A) waiver
B) after soco report
C) agent of person in authority
D) after operation report
  • 40. it is a report rendered by the team leader of soco that conducted the scene of the crime operations, processing or investigation.
A) after soco report
B) amend
C) after operation report
D) jurisprudence
  • 41. a person who binds himself to render some service or to do something and representation or on behalf of another, with the consent or authority of the latter
A) amend
B) agent
C) alibi
D) alter
  • 42. any person who by direct provision of law or by election or by appointment by compentent authority, is charged with the maintenance of public order and the protection and security of life and property. any person who comes to the aid of person in authority
A) agent
B) voluntary surrender
C) agent of person in authority
D) agent report
  • 43. it is report rendered by documented agent who answers an intelligence requirement
A) alleged
B) agent report
C) agent
D) agent of person in authority
  • 44. to establish alibi, a defendant must not only show that he was present of some other place at above the time of the alleged crime, but also that he was at such other place for so long a time that it was impossible for him to have been at the place where the crime was committed, either before, during, or after the time he was at such other place
A) answer
B) alibi
C) amend
D) agent report
  • 45. the word "alleged" or "allegedly" connotes something "claimed". it leaves the truth of the avernment an open question
A) alter
B) amend
C) alleged
D) answer
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