Turkish Bath (Hamam)
  • 1. What is a Turkish Bath commonly known as?
A) Sauna
B) Hamam
C) Spa
D) Jacuzzi
  • 2. What is used for scrubbing the body in a Turkish Bath?
A) Kese
B) Lotion
C) Soap
D) Shampoo
  • 3. What is usually provided after a Turkish Bath session?
A) Coffee
B) Tea
C) Injections
D) Exercise equipment
  • 4. What material are the traditional Turkish Bath towels made of?
A) Cotton
B) Polyester
C) Wool
D) Silk
  • 5. What is the name of the attendant in a Turkish Bath?
A) Hanım
B) Efendi
C) Tellak
D) Pasha
  • 6. What kind of shoes are usually worn in a Turkish Bath?
A) Wooden clogs
B) Sneakers
C) High heels
D) Flip flops
  • 7. What is the purpose of the cold room in a Turkish Bath?
A) To scrub the body
B) To receive a massage
C) To make you sweat
D) To cool down the body
  • 8. What is the name for the main chamber of a Turkish Bath?
A) Ilıklik
B) Hararet
C) Ayaklık
D) Sauna
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