8th Grade Math Vocabulary Practice Test
__1. Absolute ValueA. can be written as the ratio of 2 integers.
__2. ExponentB. tells how many times the base is used as a factor
__3. Improper FractionC. cannot be expressed as the ratio of two integers
__4. Irrational NumberD. the Answer to a Multiplication Problem
__5. Mixed NumberE. letter that represents a value that changes
__6. ProductF. the Answer to a Division Problem
__7. QuotientG. the distance of a number from 0
__8. Rational NumberH. when numerator is greater than the denominator
__9. ReciprocalI. multiplicative inverse
__10. VariableJ. a whole number and a fraction
__11. Composite NumberA. to find the value
__12. DenominatorB. Top Number in a Fraction
__13. EquationC. to put in simplest form
__14. EvaluateD. number that has 2 factors, 1 x itself
__15. IntegersE. Bottom Number in a Fraction
__16. InverseF. number that has more than 2 factors
__17. Least Common MultipleG. smallest number that is a multiple of all the numbers in a s
__18. NumeratorH. Opposite
__19. Prime NumberI. Mathematical Sentence has a = sign
__20. SimplifyJ. Positive and Negative Whole Numbers and Zero
__21. CoordinatesA. an ordered list of numbers
__22. DifferenceB. the 4 sections in a graph/grid
__23. OriginC. starting point (0,0)
__24. PercentD. vertical axis
__25. QuadrantsE. horizontal axis
__26. sequenceF. where is it located (x,y)
__27. SolutionG. out of 100 or per 100
__28. SumH. the Answer to an Addition Problem
__29. X-axisI. the Answer to a Subtraction Problem
__30. Y-axisJ. value that makes an equation true
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