RETAKE Ch.5A Quiz (Ratios, Rates, Proportions)

Write the ratio of ovals to triangles in

the format provided below:


Write the ratio of hearts to total shapes in

the format provided below:

rate double

Mrs. Stevens ran 1 mile in 12 minutes.  Fill in the

missing values on the double number line to

determine how many minutes it will take her

to run 2 miles, and 3 miles at this same rate.

There are 3 trucks for every 4 cars

in the parking lot.  Fill in the ratio table

to determine equivalent ratios.


Write a unit rate for the situation:



Marjoly can type 240 words in 6 minutes.




words per minute

Write a unit rate for the situation:



$10.15 was the cost for 7 blueberry muffins.




per blueberry muffin.

Compare the unit rates (dollars per ticket) to

determine the best deal:

At the Vine Theater, it costs $51.25 for five tickets.

At Livermore Cinemas, it costs $64.50 for six tickets.

The best deal (lowest unit rate) is at the:
At a unit rate of

Vine Theater

 Livermore Cinemas
per ticket

Solve using a tape diagram:

The ratio of boys to girls in 3 math classes

is 5:4.  If there are 90 total students, how

many girls and boys are in the classes?

90 total

students, the

class has


Out of
boys, and

Naomi wants to use a cupcake recipe that makes

18 cupcakes for every 2 cups of sugar. 


How much sugar should she use to make

36 cupcakes?

Solve the following proportion problem

using two methods



In order to determine her pulse rate, June's nurse

counted 13 beats in her pulse in 15 seconds.  At

this rate, how many beats would she have in 60


Solve the following proportion problem

using two methods.


A painter is making green paint using a

4:5 mixture of blue and yellow paint.  Fill in

the ratio table and graph the (x,y) values.

blue cans (x)

yellow cans


( 8,            )

Use and extend your graph of the 4:5

blue to yellow paint mixture to solve:



How much yellow paint is needed to mix

with 20 cans of blue paint for the

desired color?

cans of yellow paint
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