Edward the Confessor becomes king of England
  • 1. When did Edward the Confessor become king of England?
A) 1042
B) 1100
C) 1000
D) 1066
  • 2. Where was Edward the Confessor born?
A) Germany
B) England
C) France
D) Denmark
  • 3. Which noble family was Edward the Confessor a part of?
A) House of Wessex
B) House of Normandy
C) House of York
D) House of Plantagenet
  • 4. Who succeeded Edward the Confessor as King of England?
A) William the Conqueror
B) Edward the Martyr
C) Harold Godwinson
D) Harold Hardrada
  • 5. Which famous abbey did Edward the Confessor build in London?
A) St. Paul's Cathedral
B) Westminster Abbey
C) Canterbury Cathedral
D) York Minster
  • 6. Edward the Confessor was canonized as a saint by which pope?
A) Leo IX
B) Innocent III
C) Alexander III
D) Benedict IX
  • 7. Which of the following is a famous work of art depicting Edward the Confessor?
A) The Last Supper
B) The Bayeux Tapestry
C) The Mona Lisa
D) Starry Night
  • 8. What was Edward the Confessor's relationship to his predecessor, Harthacnut?
A) Half-brother
B) Father
C) Uncle
D) Cousin
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